This is the Easiest Way to Stay Protected From the Sun, According to Vice Ganda

This is the Easiest Way to Stay Protected From the Sun, According to Vice Ganda


Love basking in the sun but worried about skin damage? Don’t fret because staying protected from harmful UV rays just got easier with Luxe Skin’s oral sunscreen

Naturally, being in a tropical nation, we detest excessive sun exposure. But we also can’t deny that there are moments when we are fond of getting in some Vitamin D—like sunny morning walks, swimming under the sun, and getting a tan. The thing is, harmful UV rays stops us from enjoying outdoor activities. Good thing Luxe Skin is rewriting the rules of skincare through Luxe Skin Beauty Talks’ newest products with a twist.

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The Unkabogable Revolution: Luxe Skin and Vice Ganda

Vice Ganda as the face of Luxe Skin Beauty Talks L’Anna Oral Sunblock and Booster C+C

With the launch of Luxe Skin Beauty Talks’ latest releases, L’Anna Oral Sunblock + Stem Cell and Booster C+C (Vitamin C + Collagen), Anna Magkawas, CEO and Founder of Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group, is actively promoting beauty without limits through one of its brands, Luxe Skin. The turn of events? Vice Ganda is the face of these new products.

Anna Magkawas, CEO and Founder of Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group and Vice Ganda, endorser of Luxe Skin Beauty Talks

“Ito, hindi lang panlabas ‘yung pinoprotektahan sa’yo kundi inaalagaan din ‘yung sa loob. Ito ‘yung makakatulong sa’yo para mas ma-achieve mo ‘yung better version of yourselves,” Vice Ganda says. Now, the secret is out on how Vice Ganda achieves her best-self using L’Anna Oral Sunblock and Booster C+C. At her age, with the help of Luxe Skin Beauty Talks, she still has fresh, young, and glowing skin.

A Holistic Approach

Luxe Beauty Talks L’Anna Oral Sunblock and Booster C+C is more than just your average Vitamin C supplement and sunscreen—these are essential components of any good skincare routine.

Oral sunblock expert Dr. Annie Akiyama Ho

Formulated with fern block and stem cells, L’Anna Oral Sunblock offers enhanced protection by combining sun protection and antioxidants in the form of tablets. It helps the body fight against the free radicals predominantly caused by UV radiation. “Oral sunblocks sequester all the free radicals, detoxify our body, and help prevent DNA damage in the skin,” Dr. Annie Akiyama Ho, an oral sunblock expert explains its health benefits.

Oral sunscreen is the latest way to shield your skin against UV rays in pill form
L’Anna Oral Sunblock and Booster C+C—your sun protection and anti-aging duo

Meanwhile, Booster C+C boost immunity, rejuvenates skin, fights wrinkles, and supports weight management goals all in one. Its ingredients—hydrolyzed marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, rosehip, sodium and calcium ascorbate, and camu-camu—allow you to bid adieu to drab skin, low energy, and undermined immunity.

So, if you enjoy being outside in the sun, make sure that you are taking care of yourself inside and out to maintain a healthy, youthful look.


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