Our Go-To Brands For Top-Notch Tracksuits

Our Go-To Brands For Top-Notch Tracksuits


Keep yourself warm and comfortable with quality track pants and jackets from these five brands

Different types of activewear have different utilities. While the shorts and tank combo is a reliable one, don’t feel restricted to it when we have tracksuits to choose from. Tracksuits are a pants and jacket combo that athletes famously wear before and after a game. But you can don these versatile pieces for your gym sessions, fitness classes, or outdoor jogs, too.

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Worry not because well-designed tracksuits won’t restrict your movement during exercises and outdoor activities. Not only that, but these pieces can also help increase your body temperature during the cold weather season, as well as protect your body from harsh UV rays. Now, it’s just a matter of finding the right pair for you, so we’ve listed some of our go-to brands for tracksuits. Whether you’re walking between errands, doing warmups, or playing sports, these tracksuits are sure to support your every motion.


Pablo Andújar wearing a Lacoste tracksuit
Photo: LACOSTE (via Instagram)
Lacoste Tracksuit
Photo: GARANCE MARILLIER (via Instagram)

One great place to look at for well-made tracksuits is Lacoste. More specifically, you can look at the brand’s Tracksuit Fall/Winter 2023 Collection, which is full of pieces that are perfect for both on-court and off-court activities.

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Tory Sport

Tory Sport tracksuit
Sherry Shi wearing a Tory Sport tracksuit

Photos: TORY SPORT (via Instagram)

Tory Sport never misses when it comes to balancing style and function, which means you don’t have to worry about your performance when you don their designer pieces. Personal favorites include the effortlessly chic one-piece tracksuit.


adidas Philippines tracksuit
adidas Philippines tracksuit

Photos: ADIDAS PHILIPPINES (via Instagram)

No list would be complete without adidas, a global staple for athletes’ warmups and workouts. Besides its reliability, you can look to the brand for the perfect blend of simple comfort and style, making it the perfect transition outfit.

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Wilson Tracksuit
Wilson Tracksuit

Photos: WILSON (via Instagram)

Wilson delivers more than just quality tennis sporting goods. Here, you can find a wide variety of tops and bottoms you can mix and match for a clean-cut look on and off the tennis court. And as seen on television, it’s athlete-approved!

Palace Skateboards

Palace Skateboards Tracksuit
Palace Skateboards Tracksuit

Photos: PALACE SKATEBOARDS (via Instagram)

Palace Skateboards’s tracksuit collection is an ode to the urban skateboarder. Because of that, their apparel is designed to handle a range of motion while giving your look a streetwear edge.

Featured Image: LACOSTE

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