Our Newly Crowned Binibinings In Their Evening Gowns

Our Newly Crowned Binibinings In Their Evening Gowns


A guide through the evening gowns our newly crowned binibining’s wore at the coronation night. 

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The Bb. Pilipinas coronation night passed and our reigning binibining’s are about to embark on their exciting journey. Designed meticulously and beautifully by Filipino designers, they were clothed in entrancing and alluring gowns that undoubtedly radiated on the stage. And as they graced the stage with poise and charisma, we will be guiding you through their captivating evening gowns.

Nicole Borromeo, Bb. Pilipinas International 

Designed by Mel Maria, Nicole Borromeo was adorned in an asymmetrical silhouette with intricate embellishments in hues of lavender and lilac that danced around the gown to create whimsical moonflowers. 

Roberta Tamandong, Bb. Pilipinas Grand International

A figure hugging ensemble on Roberta Tamandong was ornamented with crystals, beads and sequins. Intricately designed by Louis Pangilinan, the embellishments were placed to imitate the orange hued sunsets in the Philippines.

Gabrielle Basano, Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental

Made by Filipino designers, Ken Batino and Jevin Salaysay, the combination of white and gold decor that flowed down her silhouette exudes the perfect sophistication. But like her first evening gown from last year’s coronation, Gabriella Basano made a stand as she dedicated her evening gown to the farmers. 

Chelsea Fernandez, Bb. Pilipinas Global 

Chelsea Fernandez walked with elegance and grandeur as silver and blue hued embellishments decorate the drop waist bodice. Designed by Leo Almodal, beautiful swirls circle around the bodice as the white makes a striking appearance that reminded us of the waves. 

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