Out of This World: Personalities Who Were Spotted at Tim Yap’s Halloween Party

Out of This World: Personalities Who Were Spotted at Tim Yap’s Halloween Party


Creating a dystopian world is serious business, and these attendees definitely aced the otherworldly Halloween theme to a tee

In a world where everyone has to play a part, Halloween becomes a momentous event that allows us to choose a character or a persona we want to embody, even just for a day. For celebrities and content creators, that is a breath of fresh air for the identities they’ve built in front of the cameras.

At Tim Yap’s dystopian-themed party held on Halloween night, these names were spotted rocking their Halloween looks:

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Chie Filomeno

With her ensemble, Chie proved that a woman is a lady boss in this world and the next.

Tony Labrusca

It’s a shining, shimmering sheer situation for Tony that night with his look.

Photo Credit: @meetkeso (Instagram)

Kaila Estrada

Just like Poison Ivy, Kaila looked sweet and sultry with her red mane and ivy-inspired bodice. 

Photo Credit: @meetkeso (Instagram)

Diego Loyzaga

Carrying soldier’s stature, Diego seemed ready for battle in any world.

Photo Credit: @reubenographer (Instagram)

Ayn Bernos

Ayn came in peace, and with tentacles! Underneath the headpiece, the content creator also did a job well done with her makeup look. 

LA Aguinaldo

It’s a black and pink ensemble in any area for LA, including a dystopian world!

Photo Credit: @meetkeso (Instagram)

Caitlyn Stave and Sofia Jharling

The Caitlyn and Sofia duo nailed Ariana Grande’s looks in Fortnite with their futuristic outfits. 

Janeena Chan

Janeena kept it cool the whole night donning a chic frosty ensemble!

Jeanette Ong

It’s a Bratz and Ariana Grande crossover with Jeanette’s silver look for the event.

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