Own Your Look Like Michelle Dee by Dressing Boldy

Own Your Look Like Michelle Dee by Dressing Boldy


Discover how to embrace the fearless world of unapologetic style, guided by Michelle Dee’s influential choices

It takes a bold and brave soul to break free from the conventional: plains or prints on smooth surfaces. So how do you go about the unconventional, whether for the every day or the office or just at a gathering? How does one grow above their style? Look at bejeweled, layered, embellished, or appliquéd. At first, it’s not for everybody; but it doesn’t hurt to at least try. Channeling the spirit of Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee, styled by Ryuji Shiomitsu, it’s time to ditch the ordinary and step into textured outfits that scream conquer—or at least make it known you’re in the room, crashing tear-drop jewels and all.

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She’s no diamond in the rough. In a creation by Glademir Echavarre, the beauty queen is adorned in a dress that drips and dazzles with an array of gems. The intricacy of the embellishments begins at the very heart of the bodice, where every gem is as small as it can be cradled with a single finger. As one’s gaze travels outward, these applied details expand and become larger at every angle.


Juliana Studios crafts a sophisticated look for Dee, transforming her into a resilient white rose that gracefully handles any challenges. The structured ensemble, marked by pleats and layers, exemplifies a thoughtful design. The large ornamental work placed as the focal point stands out with a distinctive nature, although not overshadowing the radiance of Miss Universe Philippines herself.

Filipiniana by JAGGY GLARINO

Michelle Dee is on duty. She epitomizes the modern Filipina in contemporary Filipiniana. The Jaggy Glarino ensemble combines a sheer Terno-sleeved bodysuit with a draped bandeau bra panel and a reconstructed tweed mini-wrap skirt, serving as an inspiration of the bahag to the Ifugao people. 


As the beauty queen enters, the room is adorned with the resonating sparkle of crashing jewels. Michelle Dee exudes allure in an embellished top by Bonita Penaranda, paired with a suit set from Cheetah Rivera‘s latest collection. Penaranda’s shining armory gives Dee an aura of readiness for battle, while Rivera’s suit, adorned with tear-drop embellishments, moves with a fluid descent in place, adding an exquisite touch to the ensemble.


Michelle Dee appears ethereal. Our Miss Universe Philippines emanates purity, dressed in white and adorned with delicate appliqued white florals on her bra top. Draped in a three-piece ensemble, the attire accentuates her toned body, projecting a readiness for whatever challenges may come her way.

Layered golden dress

Resembling a golden leaf steadily descending from a majestic golden tree, she moves with a steady flow, steering the wind as if asserting her control over its every whim. In her golden ensemble, the layered gold dress presents elaborate details, resembling sharp yet fluid elements, creating an illusion of connection with nature itself.

Michelle Dee’s fearless approach to style, marked by bejeweled uniqueness, layered flair, embellished expressions, and appliquéd creativity, challenges conventions and encourages a celebration of individualistic tastes. Be fearless and adorn yourself with garments that glisten and shimmer in the sunlight. Sequins, rhinestones, and beads—let them be your armor that helps you conquer the world.

Photos and Featured Image: MICHELLE DEE (via Instagram)

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