Crab-And-Cocktail Pairings From Ministry Of Crab Manila To Satisfy Your Tropical Cravings

Crab-And-Cocktail Pairings From Ministry Of Crab Manila To Satisfy Your Tropical Cravings


One can never go wrong with having crab for a scrumptious meal. To make it even more perfect than it already is, have it served with a nice glass of smooth cocktail. The mixture of flavors pulled together can definitely boost anybody’s palette. If you’ve never had cocktails to go along with your crab, we’re giving you five foolproof crab-and-cocktail pairings to begin your culinary adventure with. In the recently opened Ministry Of Crab Manila in Shangri-La at the Fort, we’ve found the perfect pairings that will suit your tropical cravings.

Pepper Crab with Ceylon Spritz

With hand crushed peppercorns (rolled on a traditional miris gala), whole peppercorns, and a pepper stock, this dish will definitely give you a traditional Sri Lankan black pepper crab. Complementing this dish would be the refreshing Ceylon Spritz. The flavors of botanicals fused with the sweetness of peach and refreshing zest of sparkling wine will neutralize the dark pungent taste of black pepper on the crab.

Baked Crab

Garlic Chili Crab with Isle of Spice

You’ll get a fusion of global flavors with this pairing. Get the distinct flavors of Italian olive oil, garlic, Sri Lankan chili flakes, and Japanese soy sauce in a Philippine mud crab. To go perfectly with it is the fruity and tart taste of the Isle of Spice. Complete with passion fruit puree and cinnamon syrup in plantation 3-star rum and the Ministry’s house ginger beer.

Kani Chahan Japanese Style Crab Fried Rice

Pinakurat Crab with Jumbo’s Foot

Add the tanginess and citrusy flavors of tamarind paste, lime juice, and dry curacao to the kick of Cazadores tequila in Jumbo’s foot. The drink, contrasted with the honey-like taste of Agave nectar, can magnify the spice of crab on traditional Pinakurat vinegar.

Guinataang Crab with Captain Mantuano

The ultimate flavors of the tropics—crab cooked in fresh coconut milk and chilies go perfectly with the Captain Mantuano. The drink has Amontillado sherry, a perfect companion for complex seafood such as crabs and a typical booster for spices and chilies. The drink also has the smooth bitterness of Diplomático Mantuano rum and the refreshing tanginess of pineapple jam and lime juice.

Signature Drinks

Curry Crab with Spirit of the Sea

With the ministry promising to fuse together authentic Sri Lankan flavors with locally picked mud crab, its only best to try traditional Sri Lankan curry crab. To go with the array of Sri Lankan spices and sprigs of drumstick leaves, the Spirits of the Sea will blend its invigorating piquancy through a mixture of Portobello Road No.171 gin, cucumber & cilantro, bergamot juice, green tomato jam, and saline.

Ministry of Crab Manila is now open in Shangri-La at the Fort. For restaurant reservations, call ‎(02) 820 0888 or email [email protected]. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @ministryofcrab.manila.

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