Tickle Your Palate with Peruvian Cuisine in the Local Scene

Tickle Your Palate with Peruvian Cuisine in the Local Scene


Blessed with a bountiful coastline, a mountain range rich with greeneries, and a colorful culture unlike any other, Peru is a country to see and experience at least once in your lifetime. The South American country is home to the famous Machu Picchu, the highest sand dunes in the world, the world’s highest lake, the picturesque Rainbow Mountain, and an assortment of dishes that have made great impressions all over the planet.

One of the biggest factors that makes Peru so alluring is its unique cuisine. The diverse landscape and climate make it possible to grow over 3,000 varieties of potatoes, more than 55 kinds of corn, and various Incan spices. These are paired with non-traditional kind of meat like guinea pig. Suffice to say, Peruvian cuisine is anything but boring.

Bringing the delightful dishes and intriguing tastes of Peru to our local dining scene is Cocina Peruvia. Their menu boasts an array of authentic Peruvian eats, guaranteed to entice and satisfy even the wariest and pickiest of eaters.

Whet your appetite with some crunchy salmon skin chicharron. Its mix of salty and fresh seafood hints is a delightful starter for your Peruvian cuisine excursion. Dip them into their complementary sauces inspired by Peru’s spices.

A kebab is given a peculiar Peruvian twist in the form of the anticuchos de corazon de vaca. Translated literally, it means a “cow’s heart kebab.” But don’t let the meat nor the name scare you; it’s as tender and tasteful as you expect it to be.

If you’re not one to try strange meats but still want to get a taste of authentic Peruvian cooking, the pollo a la brasa is for you. This roasted chicken is filled with wonderful flavors and partnered with special dips like Aji sauce which is made of the most popular spice in Peru, Chimichurri, and salsa creole. It’s also paired with crispy fried potatoes on the side.

Seafood lovers out there can rejoice. Peru’s take on paella, arroz con mariscos, is as heavenly as the original Spanish variant but with a kick of spice. With a generous amount of mussels, shrimp, squid, and scallops, each bite of this dish is sure to send you into gastronomical bliss.

For those of you who have selective palates but want to be a bit adventurous, the Filipino-Peruvian dish adobo peruvia is perfect for you. This may be lighter in color in comparison to our own adobo, but it packs just as much flavor. This slow-cooked pork belly is covered in cream sauce topped with salsa creole, creating a perfect marriage of two cultures in one dish.

Cap off your Peruvian cuisine tasting with a chocolate treat. The galera de chocolate is made of a dark chocolate ganache, topped with crisp blue tortillas, and a syrup made of dehydrated figs.

Treat your taste buds to the fascinating flavors of Peru here in the metro with Cocina Peruvia. Discover the charms of this colorful cuisine at Cocina Peruvia’s newest branch at the Podium.

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