Pamper Your Skin With L’Occitane’s New Almond Body Ritual

Pamper Your Skin With L’Occitane’s New Almond Body Ritual


L’Occitane’s new Almond Body Ritual makes your skin firm, smooth, and nourished.

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One can be guilty of skipping their body care routine. Reasons such as exhaustion from a day’s work or not having enough time to slip in the routine, either way it’s something that most of us tend to forget. As we continue to face everyday stresses of life that cause our skin to have sudden stretch marks or make them feel rough and look dull, it’s time to give your body the pampering it deserves. 

With an expertise in honing the beautifying powers of almond, L’Occitane introduces their Almond Body Ritual that would make your skin calm, smoother, and firm. 

Together with the Almond Body Ritual, L’Occitane releases their new product that aims to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The Almond Skin Oil, crafted to help target the 4 dimensions of stretch marks which are length, width, depth, and color. With continuous use of the skin oil, you’ll be able to see the visible reduction of your stretch marks in just 8 weeks.

Almond Shower Oil

A super body wash with an oil formula but once lathered, it transforms into a foamy wash. The gentle cleanser hydrates your skin with a delicious burst of moisture.

Almond Delicious Paste

The blend of almond butter and almond oil Infused with crushed almond shells and sugar crystals, the perfect exfoliator for the entire body. 

Almond Milk Concentrate 

Soft, light, and envelops your skin in a blissful sheet of moisture. The Milk Concentrate smoothes your skin’s texture, leaving it irresistibly touchable.

Almond Supple Skin Oil

The light and fine body oil melts into the skin giving your skin a satiny-smooth finish. This skin oil effectively leaves your skin feeling firmer and smoother. 

Shop L’Occitane’s Almond Body Ritual at Rustan’s Beauty Source.

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