Pangina Heals Was In Manila For A Fundraising Event For Pulse Clinic

Pangina Heals Was In Manila For A Fundraising Event For Pulse Clinic


And just like that, we were healed. Pangina Heals, the multi-talented drag artist and power performer from Thailand and the world gave Manila two nights to remember.

Pangina Heals has quite the connection to the Philippines. Apart from being in the geographical periphery by way of Thailand, she got her name from RuPaul’s Drag Race season one Pinoy icon, Ongina, and her real name, Pan Pan. It also sounds like Pangaea, the supercontinent where all the continents were once merged: a utopian idea of humanity as one. Meanwhile, the Heals at the end is precisely what it means: drag is a vehicle to ultimately attain the freedom to regain self-esteem and self-love.

Most of us were introduced to Pangina Heals when she appeared as the main judge on Drag Race Thailand. We were sufficiently gagged over everything Pangina served on the runway. (Like many, I nearly fell off my chair when she gave us that Mariah moment in season two.) As a judge, her comments were honest and fair, often based on the performance of the queens, while host Art Arya zeroed in on fashion for the most part. But it was when she competed on RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs. The World that we got to see her fireworks on full display.

Since then, there was a steady flow of anything and everything Pangina Heals. And we can all agree that she’s one mesmerizing, unexpected, showstopping, smart, and hella funny queen. It sure is a welcome bonus that she’s also very easy on the eyes in and out of drag. 

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

Recently, Pangina Heals made a pit stop in Manila thanks to Pulse Clinic, a lifestyle clinic that offers a non-judgmental space for sexual health-related concerns. They held a two-day Drag Extravaganza with the help of Kris Sangalang featuring some of our local queens and DJs at Baked Studios in Makati. Ticket and drink sales from the evening will help patients who can’t afford to pay for their treatments.

“We encourage all of you to make sure you know your status. Come visit us at Pulse if you need PrEP or if last night the condom broke and you need PEP; we can take care of those things for you. So, whether you’re straight, gay, male, female, trans, drag, or wherever you are in the spectrum, we’re here to help you, not to judge,” says Gerard Clancy of Pulse Clinic. Their ultimate goal is to make more people aware of their infection status faster by promoting the benefits of testing, prevention, treatment, and continuous care.

Still out of breath from a level 100 performance of Madonna’s Vogue from the Sticky & Sweet Tour (my favorite version, in my humble gay opinion), Pangina Heals reminded the audience that our reluctance to talk about sex is harmful to everyone, “I’m one of those people who think it’s okay to talk about sex and to take the shame out of sex.” It’s easy to think that sex is everywhere, but there’s very little conversation about its problems experienced by many.

The Pangina Heals Experience

The two-night party brought together a community of queer artists to celebrate drag artistry. Stars from Drag Race Philippines, spectacular local queens, and Thai super vixen Zepee all gave us exactly what needed to be given, plus some extra good vibes to carry us through the week.

Pangina couldn’t help but gush about our Ru girls, “It’s so great that the world gets to experience the queens from the Philippines because, you know, y’all are some of the best lip-synchers in the world.”

She spent her last night in Manila at O-Bar and posted a death-defying performance by the UGH-MAZING Nique Manza that shook the drag community and fans worldwide.

The spotlight is firmly on Asian drag artists, especially with the announcement of Drag Den, new seasons from Drag Race Philippines and Drag Race Thailand, and new Drag Race franchises happening in India, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea. Drag is having a moment on this side of the world; let’s bask in this glorious moment.

Pulse Clinic is at Unit 202 Plaza 100 Building, V.A Rufino corner Dela Rosa Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City

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