Pantone Color Of The Year 2022: Wear “Very Peri” As An Everyday Makeup Look

Pantone Color Of The Year 2022: Wear “Very Peri” As An Everyday Makeup Look


The perfect blush shade for morena skin tones and a brightening color-corrector, here’s how to use Pantone’s “Very Peri” for a makeup look. 

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The first time the Pantone Color of the Year is not a preexisting hue, “Very Peri” is an entirely new shade of a “dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet-red undertone.” The cooler-toned purple shade is said to encourage creativity and newness for 2022. And with that said, if you’re feeling uninspired with your usual rosy-pink or orange sun-kissed cheeks, purple blush is the way to go.

Purple blush may seem scary in the pan, but it’s a versatile shade that can look natural. Recently, it has hit the mainstream web due to TikTok showing how it can leave your cheeks with a more natural flush and highlight. 


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The reason for this is because in color theory, purple is opposite to yellow. When combined, the two hues cancel each other out. Makeup-wise, a wash on your cheeks and even under your eyes before concealer can brighten dull yellow or pale-brown skin. On the other hand, if you build up the purple pigment on top the skin it can flatteringly amplify each other.

Here’s how to wear a Pantone “Very Peri”-inspired blush according to your skin tone: 

For Light Complexions

Baby lilacs or pastels work best when you’re in between light to fair with pink to blue undertones. It is ideally applied on the apples of the cheeks or even in a wide pattern across your nose for a cute and youthful look.

Try Out Clinique’s Cheek Pop Blush in Pansy Pop that has a cream-to-powder formula for a silky smooth effect or TikTok’s recommended Cheeks Out in Drama Cla$$ from Fenty Beauty that’s a buildable cream.

For Medium Complexions

Purple blush stands out best in medium skin tones since it’s the complementary color to yellow undertones. Opt for fuchsia shades and blend them on the upwards and on the higher points of your cheeks for a lifting effect. 

Crush Blush in Risqué from Strokes Beauty Lab has recently been my go-to since it blends like a dream and is a great alternative during these fall months. While Nars’ Orgasm has always been raved about, another recommendation is its berry purple sister “Aroused” which is equally stunning.

For Deeper Complexions

Deep skin tones can handle the true purples since they will show up on the skin without it turning ashy. They particularly look great as the focal point of your whole look. Apply it using the draping method or as an edgy contour shade.

Rare Beauty’s Liquid Blush in Faith may look intimidating in the bottle but one dot on each cheek is enough to make a statement look. While the Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush in Ayao from Shiseido is a rich plum with a mousse-to-powder formula that looks and feels weightless on the skin. 

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