Paris Haute Couture Week Picks: The MEGA Team On Their Favorite Looks

Paris Haute Couture Week Picks: The MEGA Team On Their Favorite Looks


After three days of glamorous runway shows, the Paris Haute Couture week finally came to a close.

From witnessing Iris van Herpen’s brilliant fabric manipulations to Valentino breathing life to the fantasy of couture through emotions (that even made Celine Dion cry during the show), couture week only proves that it is the holiest of holies in fashion.

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Keeping up with the spirit of elaborate sensational ensembles, the MEGA team shares their favorite looks that truly stood out the most. Ranging from voluminous tulle gowns to bespoke power suits, here are our top picks from the Haute Couture shows in Paris.

Valentino, Look 61

Valentino for Paris Haute Couture Week

“This dress perfectly represents the past, present, and future not only of Valentino but couture itself. Pierpaolo Piccoli successfully honored its founder and the brand, but also represented what his vision of couture is and where it is headed.” – Jeb Fronda, Fashion Editor

Iris van Herpen, Look 13

Iris van Herpen for Paris Haute Couture Week
Iris van Herpen

“I’ve always admired Iris Van Herpen’s ability to play with form. This season, what immediately stood out for me was this blue, iridescent dress. And since I’m definitely more of a beauty girl, I also fell in love with the bangs dipped in paint.” – Marella Ricketts, Digital Beauty & Features Writer

Givenchy, Look 16


“Givenchy’s couture offering exquisitely juxtaposes heavy tailoring with the lightness of gowns, the modern with the divine, the old with the new. A collaboration with latex designer, Atsuko Kudo injected an element of surprise and sensuality that I absolutely adore.” – RJ Roque, Digital Fashion Editor

Elie Saab, Look 1

Elie Saab

“I love this Elie Saab Couture piece because he showcased how a pragmatic pantsuit can be elevated with intricate beadwork for that dramatic effect. Let’s face it, some women just don’t have the time of day for voluminous gowns.” – Faye Jessica Yoingco, MEGA Digital Content Strategist

Iris van Herpen, Look 18

Iris van Herpen for Paris Haute Couture Week
Iris van Herpen

“Iris van Herpen’s stellar knowledge of art, futuristic, scientific and historical references are vast enough to create a magical collection each season. I love that she based her 18-piece couture collection of undulating layers of silk and organza, 3D-printed jewelry, and highly-engineered structures of each silhouette on a 17th-century-star atlas named Harmonia Macrocosmica.” – Lyn Alumno, Fashion Associate

Maison Margiela, Look 12

Maison Margiela for Paris Haute Couture Week
Maison Margiela

“The Maison Margiela show was a feast for the eyes. This photo stunned me the moment I saw it. One, for the technicolor beat that played with the patterns that happened in the attire and the background. But what caught my eye the most was how trippy the photo looked like. It gave me a Wassily Kandinsky feel to it—all but in vaporwave.” – Francesca Testa, Digital Features Writer

Givenchy, Look 22

Givenchy for Paris Haute Couture Week

“Honestly speaking, Givenchy is one of my top 3 haute couture collections this season. Once Clare Waight Keller sent loose fringes down the runway, I can’t help but be mesmerized by the intricacy of the details. She impeccably explored further various forms and techniques that only translated the definition of resplendence.” – Daniel Reyes, Digital Fashion Writer

Viktor & Rolf, Look 14

Viktor & Rolf

“Despite its meme-able and viral qualities, it still is about stunning surrealism and dramatic theatricality for Viktor & Rolf, as they presented a whimsical and exaggerated couture collection of unapologetic, in-your-face one-liners juxtaposed with unerring feminine fantasy in layers of colorful tulle and references to period costumes. These looks, especially the “Less Is More” number, can easily turn heads on the red carpet, a gala, a wedding, or if we have our way, a casual trip to the grocery for the essentials. Now that is a statement.” – Angelo Ramirez de Cartagena, Associate Editor

Giambattista Valli, Look 53

Giambattista Valli for Paris Haute Couture Week
Giambattista Valli

“Giamba Valli truly knows how to make a statement. Upon donning his creations, you’re instantly a force to be reckoned with. Since he brilliantly channeled the authentic tone of the French maisons de la haute couture, Valli was able to showcase a number of exquisite looks that are indeed Parisienne such as this pink frothy tulle gown.” – Suki Salvador, MEGA Creative Director

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