Pastels and Patterns: The GUESS Spring 2022 Collection Is Made for the Sun

Pastels and Patterns: The GUESS Spring 2022 Collection Is Made for the Sun


GUESS has spring in focus with their latest collection of tops, bottoms, and dresses that embody the carefree spirit of this season

It’s the season for pastels and patterns as the second quarter of the year marks the beginning of a fashion scene in full bloom. From sweet candy-colored hues to oh-so-scintillating dresses that beam with femininity, springtime fashion is definitely the most expressive. Long-standing American icon, GUESS, has unveiled their latest Spring 2022 collection, and it’s a set of pieces that definitely wow, whether you’re into muted colors or bold prints.

Rhian Ramos browses the Spring 2022 collection for breezy, eco-friendly fits this season
Alexa Ilacad looks to favor the Stefania Body Top for a color parade that’s sure to stand out

The GUESS Spring 2022 collection is an ode to vibrant mornings and a soft sense of relaxation. The variety of tops, bottoms, and dresses come in pastels that have the flexibility to be buildable for a chic summer fit, as well as eye-catching floral prints in warm and earth tones for a burst of personality.

In front: The Joandra Top is a dainty closet must-have with spring flair. With the Danna Saddle Bag on its shoulder, this pairing flaunts your femininity.

Pieces from the collection add a certain flair to your summer wardrobe. Take the Joandra Top in a sunset peach and muted teal combination, for example. The silk blend falls softly on your body, and the ruffles on the sleeves and bottom hem give it life as you walk down the streets. The elasticated waist compliments your figure, and the short sleeves and v-neck cut lets skin loose for your body to breathe and to soak in the day’s sun-filled delight.

Alexa Ilacad with the classic silhouette of the Katey Mini Satchel
Rhian Ramos with the curvacious Alexie Top Zip Shoulder Bag in Light Cogna
Maureen Wroblewitz gets a feel of the newest handbag selection of GUESS perfect for the pops of colors this springtime

Bags from the collection compliment the outfits too, and they make a great addition to your seasonal rotation. The Alexie Top Zip Shoulder Bag makes a great statement piece to complete a spring fit with a trendy update to the classic silhouette. The round pouch adds an accessory to the bag, while the iconic triangle branding makes it instantly recognizable. The Stephi Girlfriend Satchel, on the other hand, is a simple, chic design that compliments any outfit, even in the seasons to come.

Also present in the collection are activewear in vibrant hues that embody the spring theme. Colors range from blues that remind us of the clear skies on a sunny day, to greens that remind us to breathe and keep calm even during our most active days. So, whether you’re out for a midday date, a brunch with friends, or powering through your fitness routine under the sun, this collection has got you covered.

Daniel Matsunaga eyes a soft-hued selection from the men’s apparel

New dress silhouettes that keep comfort and breathability a priority for summer have also been added, as well as an Earth Day capsule collection for men set in floral patterns and earth tones.

 Shop the GUESS Spring 2022 collection on their website, and follow GUESS on Facebook for more updates.

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