Patrick Galang Taps Into the Unfamiliar With His Latest Collection

Patrick Galang Taps Into the Unfamiliar With His Latest Collection


Before his new collection debuts at Bench Fashion Week, Patrick Galang shares with MEGA a sneak peek into his high-flying fashion vision

In a bold departure from his previous roles in the world of fashion publications, Patrick Galang flew back to his design roots in a triumphant return this year. To mark another significant turning point in his career trajectory, the designer’s soaring creativity is set to make an exciting landing at Bench Fashion Week as he unveils his latest collection.

Bench Fashion Week

Prior to this grand fashion presentation, the man behind the brand Rafglang chats with MEGA to share his vision and approach to elevating fashion to new altitudes, promising an awe-inspiring spectacle that is bound to leave everyone breathless.

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Above and beyond style

Tailored blazers and trousers, characterized by their precise lines and clean forms, alongside cutting-edge contemporary shapes and unique cuts—these are the design aesthetics that have defined the designer’s previous creations. When asked about what’s in store for his latest offering, Patrick shares his passion for giving aviator uniforms a renewed reputation and commits to offer a fashion adventure unlike any other.

Patrick's new collection inspiration

“It’s a thesis on suits and aviator uniforms; the design objective is to set the men’s tailored blazers and tactical trousers [apart] from [their] usual form and function and search [for] different shapes and silhouettes.”

The art of elevation

Patrick Galang's design philosophy

Within the ever-changing realm of fashion, the quest for constant growth and improvement remains paramount—a philosophy fully embraced by the visionary designer. “This is my take on utilitarian design, which I don’t normally do,” he candidly shared. Patrick stokes our anticipation with a revelation about his upcoming collection, hinting at a groundbreaking approach with digital prints derived from his personal photography, which he will do for the first time. 

Clear skies ahead 

The designer's design process
The designer's creative process

Under the radiant glow of any fashion spotlight lies a mesmerizing display of commitment and meticulous artistry that consumes countless months of relentless labor. For his presentation, Patrick discloses the challenges he and his team faced, notably in the creation of Anti-G suits because of their gusset pockets and utilitarian accents. With utmost gratitude, he commends his crew for conquering these obstacles alongside him and joining him in crafting pieces poised to awe the audience tonight.

Charting success

“I dedicate this collection to the people who have helped me make it, and [to] the people who believe in my designs.”

Rafglang's presentation at Bench Fashion Week

In the moments just before Bench Fashion Week opens its doors once again, the designer takes a moment to dedicate this stylish flight to the supporters who have fueled his creative journey and have consistently championed his work. Much like a skilled pilot, Patrick Galang is geared up to reveal his artistry, signaling a fashion voyage set to reach dazzling heights.


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