Patrick Ty is Ready to Push Boundaries as MEGA’s New Creative Chief

Patrick Ty is Ready to Push Boundaries as MEGA’s New Creative Chief


From updated fonts to a bigger print magazine size, newly appointed Creative Chief Patrick Ty gives a rundown of what to expect for MEGA’s creative direction this 2024 and beyond

While change can be a bit unnerving, for MEGA’s newest Creative Chief, it’s an exciting journey to be fearlessly embarked upon and joyfully welcomed. Taking a breather from the publishing scene, Patrick Ty returns with renewed vigor, armed with an ambitious vision for a comeback that promises to make a mark. In a sit-down interview, he unveils the thrilling plans and transformations on the horizon as the magazine unveils its new chapter this year, giving readers a taste of the excitement in the air.

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Brushing off dust

Patrick Ty emphasizes the vital role of imagination for creatives; Photography: MELSON
Patrick Ty emphasizes the vital role of imagination for creatives; Photography: MELSON

Ty fondly recalls the moment when he received the invitation to become MEGA’s newest addition to the team. It was a weekend morning when the title’s Editor-in-Chief, Peewee Reyes-Isidro, reached out about the position. “I was thrilled and wanted to say yes,” he reveals about his initial reaction when asked. Yet, having spent nine years in the retail industry, he hesitated, fully aware that the magazine landscape has shifted since 2015. The question lingered: Are his current perspectives still relevant? Despite these uncertainties, he bravely took on the challenge.

“MEGA has a very defined DNA, and I needed to understand how far we could push it.”

Patrick Ty

Beyond the pages

Anne Curtis-Smith brings sultry sophistication to life on MEGA's September 2008 cover
Anne Curtis-Smith brings sultry sophistication to life on MEGA’s September 2008 cover

Reflecting on his past stint with MEGA from 2005 to 2010, when he started as an associate fashion editor and climbed the ranks to become a fashion editor, the now-Creative Chief delves into the magazine’s more humble roots. Characterizing that era as the peak of publishing yet operating with a small team of four editors, he reminisces about a close-knit process. Technologically, times were different, involving faxing pull-out letters and personally fetching photo CDs from photographers’ studios. However, the heart of the matter, as he emphasizes, is creating thought-provoking content. “That’s what’s important, whether it’s digital or printed. So that’s why I went back. Because I realized, you know what, it’s the same. Maybe it’s a bit more complicated, there are different platforms, but at the end of the day, the content [is there] and you’re challenging your audience, you’re challenging what they know,” he exclaims.

Unlocking visions

After 14 years away from MEGA, Ty expresses excitement about bringing his newfound maturity to the creative table. His time apart, he shares, has given him a better understanding of the world and opened up countless possibilities to explore. He believes that this deepened maturity will be a valuable asset in his new role, especially in a creative profession where imagination is at the forefront. According to him, the more life experiences you gather, the broader your imagination becomes. This is the message he aims to convey to the editorial team: that in the field of creativity, expressing one’s thoughts and ideas without fear is crucial. “Fashion is a fantasy,” he declares, encouraging the team to push their imaginations freely because, in his words, “It’s free.”

His most memorable works

Lucy Torres-Gomez takes center stage in MEGA's May 2006 issue
Lucy Torres-Gomez takes center stage in MEGA’s May 2006 issue

Before stepping into a new chapter, Ty fondly revisits some of the standout projects he accomplished with MEGA. One memorable instance involved working with Lucy Torres-Gomez, now the mayor of Ormoc City. He describes her angelic face and how he fearlessly gave her a Gothic-inspired look, showcasing his bold spirit, unafraid to push boundaries. Another cherished memory revolves around 2006, when other Philippine magazines weren’t venturing yet to European fashion weeks. He shares that it was certainly a proud moment when MEGA did not only secure an invitation, but also went on to shoot a cover right in the heart of Paris. Lastly, he enthusiastically shares a memorable experience when they did a fashion editorial with Jo Ann Bitagcol in Rome. He reveals that he surprised his editor by saving the budget and taking the team to Pompeii instead, a location untouched by other magazines. “We didn’t have permits or anything. We [just] took a bus,” he recalls, highlighting the spontaneity and exciting nature of the moment. He adds that such memories stick because everyone involved was just filled with a sense of adventure.

Across changes, around ideas

Ruffa Gutierrez paints a picture of bold glamour in MEGA's February 2008 issue
Ruffa Gutierrez paints a picture of bold glamour in MEGA’s February 2008 issue

The Creative Chief expresses his excitement for everyone to witness the transformations the magazine has undergone, from new fonts to an improved size. Beyond the visual changes, he’s most eager to unveil the heartfelt message. With 32 years of industry experience, he believes the title has established authority on important conversations. Under his creative direction, he hopes this message resonates with readers from all walks of life. When asked about MEGA’s upcoming cover this February, Ty offers a three-word hint: “Thoughtful. Contemporary. Familiar.”

“The new MEGA for me is really a dialogue between icons and ingenues, people who create fashion and people who are spectators. This magazine is really a conversation.”  

The Creative Chief shares his plans as MEGA prepares to push the bounds of creativity

The next chapter

Get a sneak peek at what's coming next from MEGA's newest Creative Chief, Patrick Ty; Photography: MELSON
Get a sneak peek at what’s coming next from MEGA’s newest Creative Chief; Photography: MELSON

Ty wishes that as MEGA ushers in its fresh creative era, readers will find it both comforting and exciting. He hopes that flipping through the pages and immersing in the stories will ignite inspiration through captivating photos and narratives. Ensuring that the entire team poured their heart and soul into crafting a masterpiece that echoes across generations, he playfully hints, “It’s the old MEGA, but 2024.”


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