Patty Ang Steps Into The Ready-To-Wear Scene Armed With All Things Elegant

Patty Ang Steps Into The Ready-To-Wear Scene Armed With All Things Elegant


Patty Ang has her identity clear as crystal, this is a visionary who is firm and knows the essence of her designscreating them with grit and ingenuity at such a young age. She describes her sartorial journey as a love affair and surely enough, its an irrefutable term as she fell fast and hard, realizing fashion was the path she wanted to take after graduating in 2013armed with a passionate heart and traversing to London to study in Central Saint Martins before officially launching her namesake brand.

While many know her for her luxurious couture designs, Ang has broadened her vestiary arsenal with a prêt-à-porter line called Patty Ang Studio housed in Rockwell Center’s Power Plant Mall, where she continues to create accessible fashion for the modern woman. Each piece is an expansion of her atelier rangeextending her expertise on feminine minimalism in a range of refined ensembles that goes from dainty and delicate to powerful, much like the duality of the women she dresses.

In her latest assemblage, Ang shapes a new world for workwear. Beloved feathered pieces are a mainstay, as well as capes, structured form-fitting tops, high neck halters in crushed velvet, and diaphanous threads perfect for the summer.

The young designers forward-thinking mindset has her ardently working on a multitude of timeless pieces, all the while maintaining her signature style of sophistication and understated elegancecarrying her utmost goal in mind to make clothes that transcend time and trend to become a staple in every closet, thus her choice to uphold a beautifully subtle, classic aesthetic.

As clear-cut as her choices of color, chic silhouettes, and clean lines, a Patty Ang piece is indeed for the tasteful, effortlessly stylish crowd.

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