Patty Ang’s Story To Becoming The Woman She Is Today

Patty Ang’s Story To Becoming The Woman She Is Today


Patty Ang takes us back to the start of her journey to becoming the woman she is today.

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Making a mark in any industry isn’t an easy task. Building your name up from the ground amidst the challenges— some may say that it’s taxing. But as obstacles come and go, milestones bloom and are celebrated. And as we pave our own ways towards our future, we can look into another’s life as they continue to display resilience and strength.

A designer, businesswoman, and mother— Patty Ang gives us a peek into the life she has as a woman achiever. 

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The young mother started her road to success early in her life. After her pregnancy, she explored various styles that would complement her figure. From then on, she designed her own clothes which led to her realization— her love for fashion. 

Entering university, Patty opted to study business. But as time went on, Patty Ang took the opportunity to take short courses at Central Saint Martins while managing her growing brand at that time.

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Pleated Dress by Self Portrait available at Cul De Sac

“When you’re in school, you learn the basics but when you go outside, you get to learn everything else. You go through the process of understanding each and everything.

Patty Ang

Recently turning 30, Patty Ang now handles her own atelier and studio. With both brands under her wing, the creativity she has that brings the atelier and studio to life is rooted from her everyday life. 

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As time went on, Patty Ang became known for her achievements as a fashion designer and her optimistic view in life. But alongside her achievements, she takes note of the challenges she has surpassed and the ones she is still encountering. 

“Until now, there’s still so many challenges but one that I still struggle with not having my own time. From being a mother, a wife, and a designer— I’m still learning how to have time for myself.”

Patty Ang

Despite the challenges she went through, she recalls the milestones and realizations in her career. She remains grounded despite the glamour, recognizing that behind the curtain of all the glitz, that is where grit and determination sits. 

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“Being a designer doesn’t stop at designing, we also need to be entrepreneurs. It’s not all about the limelight because behind that, that’s where all the hard work is.”

Patty Ang

If there’s one word that can describe Patty’s spirit, it is definitely resilience and Patty Ang has no plans in stopping anytime soon.

“For me, there’s no way but up. It’s hard but it’s a mentality that has such strength”

Patty Ang

Creative Direction by GARI SY and BRIE VENTURA
Photography by KIERAN PUNAY
Videography by EXCEL PANLAQUE
Fashion Direction by RYUJI SHIOMITSU
Styled by JOAQUIN RODRIGO of #TeamRyujiShiomitsu
Shoot Coordination by KZ FRANCISCO and MJ ALMERO

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