Peace Be With You: The Inspiration Behind Michael Cinco’s LAFW 2022 Collection

Peace Be With You: The Inspiration Behind Michael Cinco’s LAFW 2022 Collection


Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco shares his LAFW collection: “The Impalpable Dream of Peace,” which was rooted in the rediscovery of peace, light, and love.

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While we’re still finding our way through the journey of healing from the height of the pandemic, the LA Fashion Week 2022 re-emerged with a strong message of hope.

“The Impalpable Dream of Peace” is all about immaculate whites, silver metallics, intricate embroideries, heavy beadings, sexy sheer and frills

The fashion event, held at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, was more than just a show of beauty, colors, fabric, and patterns. 

Headlining the LAFW was Dubai-based Filipino designer, Michael Cinco. Known worldwide for his fabulous and meticulously-crafted evening couture creations—and dark spectacles—Cinco gave new meaning and life to the juxtaposition of fabric and Swarovski crystals. 

Cinco’s masterpieces have been worn by world-famous personalities, like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Tyra Banks, and Naomi Campbell, to name a few. Our very own Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, and actresses Liza Soberano and Marian Rivera have also worn some of Cinco’s pieces. (It can be remembered that Rivera became the talk of the town when she donned a whopping two-million-peso Michael Cinco gown on her wedding day in 2014.)

Cinco’s signature — dramatic and elaborated details that make grand entrances!

For his nth time at LAFW, Cinco recalls how he became part of the distinguished roster of fashion designers gracing the fashion week in the City of Angels: “I was invited by one of the organizers of LA Fashion Week, Errol Isip, who is also the fashion director and also a Filipino.”

From Dubai, Cinco brought with him an entire collection of pristine white silhouettes, most of which carried his style and signature: perfectly tailored, and of course, heavily and intricately beaded. The collection, dubbed “The Impalpable Dream of Peace,” speaks of his hope to inspire everyone to be still and be the best that they can be, in spite of the current global adversities. Because one day, he says, we will altogether rise up and move forward.  

“My collection is very relevant to what’s happening in the world right now,” Cinco explains. “We are living in this time of uncertainty and chaos. So I want to inspire people to be calm and be at peace during this time of pandemic and threats. This is a timely celebration of all that we strive to be, amidst these chaotic times.”

And let there be Light…and Love! Aurora Borealis on fabric, hand-painted and actually glows in the dark

Also stunning the crowd that night was Cinco’s luminous collection, inspired by the hues of aurora borealis—and hand-painted by fellow Filipino artist, Arvie Valencia. 

“The glow-in-the-dark collection is actually inspired by the Northern Lights of Iceland, where I just came from a beautiful trip last February,” Cinco reveals. “I am always in awe of this magical phenomenon which I’ve been chasing for seven years now. The beauty of it gives me calmness and serenity. It is akin to the release of all our stress and worries, and inspires love and new beginnings. It transcends cultures and traditions. It is inclusive and most of all, it is born out of love.”

Digging deeper into his theme, we ask Cinco about his personal definition of peace. He replies, “When I travel to beautiful places, like Iceland and Greenland, and experience the breathtaking landscape, it gives me calmness and tranquility. Peace is when you feel beauty and love from your heart. And lastly, when I see my parents happy, it gives me so much peace and joy in my heart.”

Trend Alert for Men: Oversized jackets and collars, clutches, and yes, some major beadworks 

Cinco, like the people he has dressed up, is a celebrity himself. Google the name Michael Cinco and you’ll see his massive and impressive work—featured on the runways of Dubai, New York, Milan, Paris, Los Angeles, among others. When asked about his spectacles—that one thing we can’t Google about him—he jokes, “I’m not blind, and I don’t wear glasses when I go to bed. I’m 50 and loveless.”

After his stint in LAFW, Michael Cinco reveals that there is still more work that he wishes to do and unravel: “It has always been my dream to dress up Madonna and Cate Blanchett.” Then, he excitingly adds, “I’m going to launch my prêt-à-porter line and perfume this fall.”

Now, that’s something to look forward to this 2022. 

Meanwhile, the LAFW served as a venue to reconnect the Filipino community — from those seated in the  audience to those spotted behind the scenes. Notably, the models at Cinco’s show did the catwalk wearing Filipino shoemaker Jojo Bragais’s shoe brand, Bragais, the official footwear of the 69th Miss Universe pageant. Also, the show featured the creation of one of L.A.’s most sought-after makeup artists, Joel Vera Sebastian.

Love is in the details, indeed!

Indeed, LAFW showcased Filipino dreamers with different talents, and whose mission is to conquer the world and to personify what Filipinos are made of. It is challenging, yes, but as Cinco puts it, “You have to keep on believing in yourself. Believe that anything in this world is possible. Believe in your dreams, and you can make all your impalpable dreams come true.”

Cinco, whose faith and confidence in God keeps him grounded, leaves us with a message, “Let not peace be an impalpable dream.” Light and love, and yup, peace be with you.


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