Dive Into Current Beach Fashion: The Perfect Fit for That Perfect Summer Outfit

Dive Into Current Beach Fashion: The Perfect Fit for That Perfect Summer Outfit


With Bench’s newly-released collection of attractive and trendy beach wear, you can get a confidence boost strutting on the sand with swimwear that flatters any body type, patterns that emphasize your curves, and colors that complement your skin

The temperature’s on the rise once again as it’s time to flex your workout results, flaunt your sun-kissed tan, and throw on those fancy shades when you hit the beach this summer. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are fond of wearing swimsuits for reasons such as body shape insecurities or a lack of confidence in pulling off a proud and self-loving beach-bod look that highlights your existing beauty. 

Your beach woes are now over as Bench presents their new beach-inspired Bench Swim 2022 collection with ready-to-wear clothes, flattering patterns, body-shaping seams, and new designs that can suit any body type and increase your confidence under the sun! 

A summer staple

As one of the leading brands and the largest lifestyle and fashion apparel branch in the Philippines, Bench never fails to deliver quality products to satisfy their customers’ needs. Continuously evolving their innovative fashion, their swimsuit collections astound us with brand-new designs every year for a picturesque summer vacation on the beach. 

Left to right: Enzo Pineda looks stylish in tropical-patterned board shorts; Janine Gutierrez wearing a silhouette-cut suit in rusty orange; both are accessorizing a casual summer vibe with beach hats

This year, Bench does it again with the release of their 2022 collection featuring artists Enzo Pineda, Janine Gutierrez, Lovi Poe, and Ruru Madrid. The collection gives you a taste of summer in Modala Beach Resort and brings you many possibilities on the beach in the form of tropical patterns, sultry bikinis, and bodysuits that hug you the right way. 

The sand is your runway

In picking out the right outfit for a beach parade, your first instinct is to proudly wear your skin as part of your get-up. Our skin and body reflects our beauty and health, which is all the more reason to take advantage of your sun-kissed tones and complement them with Bench’s new minimalist bikini. With its sensual design and basic nude shade, your legs are given a longer and thinner appearance as you catwalk your way along the seaside. Luscious straps and less fabric promotes an all-natural skin-centric outfit for a proud and daring photoshoot.

Lovi Poe’s attractive form is enhanced further by Bench’s new tie-up bikini in pale nude tones

Dance with nature and befriend the waves with their modern silhouette one-piece that never fails to put on a show with its teasing outline and innovative shape. Your skin receives the right amount of exposure while the fabric squeezes your body comfortably without compromising style. As the icing on top, the suit is cut from post-consumer plastic bottles, giving rise to eco-friendly and environmental fashion. 

Yet another design makes its way to the oceanic runway in the form of a black one-piece halter-styled suit. Balancing sophistication and boldness, this design is a vintage classic in all its glory with its sleek and basic outline that places emphasis on the waist and your backbone. 

Left to right: Lovi Poe shows off her curves in a sea green rash guard; Janine Gutierrez appears congenial and classy in a chic halter-type swimsuit

Who says you can’t look fabulous in a rash guard? Lovi Poe dares to object, kicking off summer with Bench’s new zip-up bodysuit suitable for all body types! The glossy conservative fabric comes in all sizes, preventing unwanted skin exposure while also embracing your body in all the right places. This creates depth in your curves and boosts your existing allure! Top up your look with a patterned bandana or let your hair loose in natural beach waves for an all-natural self-loving experience.

The collection also features trendy designs for men, such as Bench’s board shorts! The watercolor gradients and choice of colors allows for your tanned torso to pop out in waves while the garterized fit is suitable for all sizes. With its increased mobility and patterns that bring out personality, beach boys are encouraged to go shirtless and either bask in the soothing heat on the sand or participate in any beach sport without worrying about clothes limiting their movements.

Left to right: Ruru Madrid’s youthful smile and approachable demeanor is truly fitting with the pale natural shades of his board shorts; Palm tree-inspired patterns blending in with retro colors suit the oceanic background

The beach board shorts also come dotted in tropical patterns and loud funky colors— a perfect outfit for an adventurous beach day! The sustainable material is also water-absorbent which helps in keeping the shorts’s seams steady, preventing the colors to darken or for the fabric to droop as you ride the waves or boast your swimming prowess. 

A picturesque summer day

Seductive straps, groovy patterns, and flexible fabric build up your comfort and confidence in styles that enhance the beauty of your natural body shape. Bench’s new summer collection is the pinnacle of a picture-perfect sunny day in the sand and along the waves. The mobility of their designs also allow you to be comfortable enough to indulge in other beach pleasures such as partying in the hotel, drinking with friends on the seaside hut, bathing in the sun for glowing bronze tan lines, or romancing a fleeting summer love in the sunset. Bench has all you need.

With the subtle hint of his hipbone and a raise of his arm to flex his biceps, Enzo Pineda is surely rocking out these board shorts inspired by the dark gradient sky at dusk

Excited for your summer getaway this 2022? Get the latest swimsuit styles by visiting Bench’s website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts! Look photo-ready in their daring outfits and flexible designs. Don’t forget to use the following hashtags in your posts: #BenchSwim and #BenchSummer2022. 

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