Say Goodbye To Questionable Dye-Jobs And Hello To Perfect Color Treatments At Home With This Hair Expert

Say Goodbye To Questionable Dye-Jobs And Hello To Perfect Color Treatments At Home With This Hair Expert


Now’s the perfect time to get your long-overdue color treatment at home, because this hair expert will ensure you hair perfection by virtually guiding the whole process. 

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There’s an overriding fear when you do your hair all by yourself at home as compared to having it done professionally by hair experts at the salon. After all, you can but it’s a challenge to undo an uneven hair color or unfortunate hair breakage. Even with almost everyone braving to do it in quarantine, some people are still quite hesitant to do the basics at home, such as cutting hair or giving bangs a little trim. As our hair grows long without the support of salon treatments, it could get dull and boring. If, like us, you want to color hair your hair so bad while at home in the midst of quarantine, here’s the go-signal you’ve been waiting for.

The hair genius and owner of Creations Salon, Lourd Ramos is bringing a wonderful hair surprise as he knocks at our doors or rings our phones for a call. Besides the hair coloring treatment kits that Lourd offers, he will virtually assess your hair and guide you all throughout the hair coloring process through a video call. Whether you prefer subtle neutral highlights or a saturation of striking blue, he will seamlessly organize this with an at-home salon-like treatment kit, including his advice on bleaching the hair first, and so on.


First, you have to pick your desired color and send it directly to Lourd together with your current hair status for assessment. In case, you’re still indecisive on which color to get, this helps Lourd to recommend the most suitable one for you. Once the color is settled, he’ll arrange a video call according to your agreed schedule.

As clients will do the service the way hair professionals would do it, it’s close to a salon-level of satisfaction as possible for the time being . Lourd’s curated Hair Coloring Treatment Kit includes a hair colorant, hair developer, and tons of free items—including a tint applicator brush and gloves, shampoo, and conditioner all for just P1500. For your other additional kits as to what your hair concerns require, you can also avail the Bleaching Kit for P1500, Hair Treatment (for dandruff, stressed scalp, and damaged hair) for P1100, and Brazilian Blow-Dry Kit for P1750.

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How do you subscribe to the magic of Lourd Ramos? Simply slide into his DMs at his personal Instagram account and the Creations by Lourd Ramos official Facebook page to secure your own kit. If all these still don’t add up to the confidence to do-it-yourself, Lourd has a 3-chair salon set-up in his humble home to accommodate clients’ hair needs, as well as an option for his lean team to drive to your home for the wonder of his wisdom and professional advice at everyone’s safety and convenience. As the hair expert is also busy with his food business, his home salon operates one exclusive appointment at a time.

For more information, you can message Lourd Ramos at +639189356038.

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