Peri-Peri is Now Flying Through Cavite With Their Newest Branch

Peri-Peri is Now Flying Through Cavite With Their Newest Branch


Led by General Manager Marielle Santos, Peri-Peri’s 54th branch puts them a step closer towards their goal of a hundred chains in the Philippines

It’s safe to say that nothing beats a classic–and a dish where chicken is the main star is one of them. Whether it’s fried, grilled, or roasted, it’s such a staple when it comes to our meals. But what elevates the typical dish is if it provides an incredibly wide array of flavors literally every single time. Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken & Sauce Bar has been rapidly making its way to people’s hearts (and stomachs) not just with their core products that consist of delicious chicken and sauces, but also with the opening of their Ayala Malls Vermosa branch, their 54th in the Philippines.

A flavorful adventure

“[Peri-Peri gives] a feeling of eating a different thing every time. It creates a crave.” This is what General Manager Marielle Santos said when we asked her to describe the brand and dishes for us. With so much variety in their menu, Peri-Peri does develop an adventure whenever we step inside their stores. They do so proudly because of how they have matched their well-known charcoal chicken with an assortment of sauces that span from sweet to spicy.

Going the extra mile

Avid visitors of Ayala Malls Vermosa in Imus, Cavite can now experience the flavorful adventure that Peri-Peri is known for. Having opened just this February 2022, Marielle mentioned that it’s been a long time coming. While the pandemic affected everyone’s plans, the team behind Peri-Peri seized the opportunity to rise during the crisis. “Whatever we can do, let’s do it now,” said Marielle–and they did.

They even incorporated their first ever Fly Thru service, another milestone feat for the brand as they are the very first casual dining restaurant in the Philippines to do so. People were changing their behavior in terms of food consumption because of the different lockdown restrictions, which is why Peri-Peri’s Fly Thru is basically the brand’s way of ensuring that a customer’s order is received in less than five minutes. They also decided to name it how it is since it will seem like a guest is flying through and quickly getting a hold of their meals in no time.

Another thing that makes their 54th branch unique compared to the rest is that they have installed items that promote sustainability and inclusivity. Solar-powered lights are placed around the area to conserve energy, photoluminescent paints were used to limit the lighting, and a plant wall was even put up to create a more refreshing ambience. Meanwhile, Peri-Peri has also experimented with customizing tables to cater to guests with disabilities, making this branch even more welcoming than it already is.

Chief Adventurer

Peri-Peri’s newest branch wouldn’t have been possible without the constant help and guidance of their General Manager. Having been in the restaurant industry for about 30 years now, Marielle Santos certainly has a lot of accomplishments under her belt. Standing as their GM, or what they sometimes call Chief Adventurer, Marielle oversees the whole day-to-day operations of the brand. More importantly, she also encourages everyone as they try to envision their next adventures, which includes being the Philippines’ leading food chain specializing in chicken with a total of 100 stores–for now, at least.

Marielle also shared what she loves most about Peri-Peri. She exclaimed, “What hit me was the vibrance. It’s very unique, and you don’t see that kind of design filled with color and playfulness in many stores. It speaks of youth and fun.” Talking about her favorite dish, she said it was a no-brainer as she immediately went for the charcoal chicken. “It’s very uniquely-flavored and one of the most tender grilled chicken. It’s our banner product.” For the sauce, she explained that she usually reaches out for the Harissa Exotica since its spiciness compliments the chicken and even other dishes they offer.

While we can head over to the south and visit their latest branch, Marielle said that more and bigger stores are opening very, very soon as their goal to reach 100 is something they are eager to accomplish.

To stay updated on promos and other announcements, visit Peri-Peri’s website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also be part of the gang by joining their Viber Community.

Photography KIERAN PUNAY of STUDIO100

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