Thinking Of Upgrading Your Sunglasses? These Personalities’ Favorite Pairs Will Convince You!

Thinking Of Upgrading Your Sunglasses? These Personalities’ Favorite Pairs Will Convince You!


Wondering which sunglasses fits you and your style? We had these gorgeous personalities help us out by having them wear their choice pair from the covetable Ray-Ban collections.  
When it comes to eyewear, nothing quite says iconic than a gorgeous pair of Ray-Bans. With their recent launch of their newest collections, style stars and personalities alike flocked to get first dibs. But with their new offering of styles—the Colonel and Blaze are instant faves being reinventions of classics—mixed with their all-time icons, it can get overwhelming deciding which pair to get. Worry not as we rounded up the best styles with the help of our fave stylish personalities.

Will Devaughn

Ever the model heartthrob, Will matches his rugged good looks with a pair that’s classic with an edge. Masculine with its square edges yet trendy in its silhouette, The Colonel is rising fast in the ranks of everyone’s list.

Kim Cruz

For millennials like blogger Kim Cruz, the Evolve Round with its lightly tinted lens is a definite must-have. It provides excellent visibility in any level of light exposure. The best part? The lens get darker outdoors!

Issa Pressman and Marga on the Mic

Sharing their love for metals and hardware, Issa and Marga gravitated towards the Round. Issa went for the gold pair while Marga went for the silver variant, with Marga sharing that she recently had a change of heart for silver accessories having had an inclination towards gold pieces originally. The much-loved ’60s style is updated with round and flat lenses. It proves to be versatile as well, proven by Issa’s and Marga’s different styles.

Killa Kush

Acushla or more popularly known as Killa Kush knows herself and what she wants. She wants a pair of sunglasses that’s a bit angular to offset her round features. A soft curved pair adds definition to a rounded face with it’s angular edges.

Almira Teng

The Blaze in General is the ultimate definition of a classic remastered. The flat-lens-over-frame design instantly upgrades the iconic pair and we love it. Almira Teng definitely loves it too—the oversized pair goes flawlessly with her denim ensemble and windswept hair.

Nigel Garcia

Nigel Garcia also opted for the classic Round pair in gold. The sunglasses’ hardware not only complimented her metal accessories, it also complimented her high cheekbones.

Victor Basa

Known for his dapper meets functional fashion sense, Victor Basa sticks to his beloved pair of Wayfarers. A tried and tested classic that has gone through various reincarnations and makeovers over the years.

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