A Conversation With Philippe Charriol On His Brand’s Latest Fragrance

A Conversation With Philippe Charriol On His Brand’s Latest Fragrance


It was a busy Monday morning. Around an hour before he had to leave for the airport, Philippe Charriol, the founder of luxury brand Charriol, sits comfortably in the lobby of Raffles Makati, entertaining guests from the media.

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Philippe Charriol Latest Fragrance

MEGA got the chance to interview him about the brand’s latest fragranceInfinite Celtic Eau de Toilette for Women–an addictive blend with notes of Pink Pepper Pure Jungle Essence, Pear, Turkise Rose, Sambac Jasmine, Vanilla and Patchouli.

Philippe Charriol Latest Fragrance

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You have Charriol’s iconic twisted cables as part of the bottle cap’s design. While you certainly pay homage to tradition, how did you make the scent more modern for the contemporary woman?

“The Celtics were a big tribe that covered the whole of Europe 25 centuries ago. I was inspired to base Charriol’s design on their jewelry which I discovered in a museum in London. We like to get inspiration from these strong Celtic people, but when it came to our scent, I wanted something lighter. I’m from the South of France, you see, so I incorporated light floral and fruity notes you can get from Grasse.”

Philippe Charriol Latest Fragrance

For the bottle, why did you assign gold for women and silver for men?

“It’s very simple. Globally—from Japan to the Middle East to Europe—gold is more in demand by the women, while steel is something men prefer.”

What kind of women did you picture with this new scent? 

“I picture an elegant woman. When you talk about fragrances, you have all these big beauty brands that compete with us. And in order to get the ladies to choose us, we have to make a special effort–not by enormous advertising, but by researching for something they will universally like. Picking a fragrance can be very personal, but with Infinite Celtic, whether you consider yourself more urban or reserved, there is always that element of elegance.”

And true to Charriol’s words, one spritz of Infinite Celtic is enough to get you hooked, making you feel both confident and feminine at the same time.

Philippe Charriol Latest Fragrance

Charriol Fragrances are exclusively distributed by Rustan Marketing Corporation and available in leading department stores nationwide. 

Photos courtesy of Rustan Marketing Corporation

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