From Photographer to Girl Icon: Shaira Luna Wants Girls to Be More Imaginative

From Photographer to Girl Icon: Shaira Luna Wants Girls to Be More Imaginative


Best known for her remarkable skills behind the camera and her signature bangs, Shaira Luna’s undeniable talent and bubbly charisma make her truly unique in the art industry. Her proficiency at her craft makes just one look at her photos enough to identify her distinct photography style and aesthetic—dreamy, soft-focused, vintage, and dainty. With her success as a photographer and her introspective disposition, she’s definitely one girl to watch out for. To celebrate girl power this month, Converse and MEGA chatted with Shaira to get advice how girls can break through their fears.

Shaira Luna Photographer

How would you redefine or describe being a girl in this day and age?

“Being imaginative, because there is so much information available to us nowadays and I think it’s just up to us to process what we do with that information and invent new things, create new things, be resourceful and share what we do.”

What is your experience in breaking through your own walls to come out strong and be one-of-a-kind in your field?

Shaira Luna Photographer
“I was always told that I was gonna be one kind of person or another, but as I grew up I realised that I didn’t have to follow what everyone wanted me to be. I discovered that there were many other facets to myself other than what people told me and as I started discovering those things, I started becoming more passionate, I started becoming happier, and I really started to come out of my shell and I think that’s really the best part about the process. It’s just finding the things about yourself.”

How did this help you reach where you are now?

Shaira Luna Photographer
Mock neck top with puffed sleeves by WILBUR LANG. White Chuck 70 sneakers by CONVERSE.

“Well I think discovering the things about yourself really increases your confidence and I also think it has something to do with how much you persevere, how strong-willed you are, how willing you are to learn and to really take in all the experiences and make that into something valuable for you and for others.”

In your own words, what makes you bold and unafraid to go beyond your limits?

“Well I think I am very dedicated. I’m responsible. I enjoy learning. I see the fun side of life. I’m serious about what I do but I never forget to enjoy, have fun, and be thankful.”

So what tips do you have to empower women to break through their own personal hindrances and seek out greatness?

Shaira Luna Photographer

“I think women just have to be brave, to not be shy to seek out support, to always see the lighter side of life, and to make others smile.”

This 2019, I’d like to see more girls __________________

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