Pia Wurtzbach On The Power Of Personal Style

Pia Wurtzbach On The Power Of Personal Style


Exactly one year ago, Pia Wurtzbach graced the cover of MEGA magazine’s September issue, stepping away from the shadow of the crown and pursuing even more of her dreams. Now, she is back and as still determined as ever. Clad in UNIQLO’s stylish Fall/Winter 2019 pieces, the beauty talks style, self-love and her latest endeavors.

“I’m very busy now,” she starts when asked about what a day in the life is like for her these days. Her big brown eyes glimmer as she talks about her upcoming plans. “I’m currently working on season two of my travel show, Pia’s Postcards, and also a movie, a dark comedy. I play a crazy ex-girlfriend and I get to do things I can’t do in real life. I’m also working on a novel that’s loosely based on true events in the pageant industry. It’s definitely juicy but I’ve also added a lot of life lessons for young kids who are going to read it,” she says with a wide grin.

Blue Me Away. Keep your monotone look interesting with pieces in varying lengths and a light-to-dark chiaroscuro effect. (Ultra Light Down Cocoon Jacket, Knitted Coat, Heattech Fleece Turtle Neck Long Sleeve shirt, Corduroy Wide Cropped Pants all by UNIQLO)

With all these on her plate, she is a professional at managing her schedule. However, she admits that this wasn’t always the case. “When I was starting out, my schedule used to overwhelm me. But thankfully, I have a good team to help me keep my sanity,” she shares with a laugh. These days, it all boils down to one thing: proper time management. “It helps to know what I’m doing for the month ahead. So from there, I know where to schedule my personal time such as gym time or downtime at home.”

Tans Across The Board. Avoid the excess bulk when layering oversized pieces by keeping it cinched at the waist with a chic belt.
(Double Face Coat, 3D Cotton Cocoon Volume Sleeve Long Sleeve shirt, Heattech Fleece Turtle Neck Long Sleeve shirt all by UNIQLO)

Pia wears the items from UNIQLO’s latest collection with ease, moving from one layout to the other with her signature finesse. Watching her brings to mind the brand’s LifeWear philosophy: clothes with the highest-quality materials providing the wearer with superior comfort throughout their day—in Pia’s case, throughout the duration of the shoot.

GRAY’S ANATOMY. Luxe textures go unexpectedly well together. Keep everything grounded in muted, monotone hues. (Double Face Coat, Ultra Light Down Parka, Soft Knitted fleece high neck Long sleeve shirt all by UNIQLO)

Pia herself can’t stop raving about the Japanese brand’s collection in the middle of her cover shoot. “I’m really into the color palette they launched this year,” she says, adding, “There are a lot of neutral shades, but also subtle pops of color like mustard yellow.” In addition to this, she has her personal favorites: “I’m in love with the turtlenecks this season. It’s seamless and I’m a fan of the fit. I used to always wear really tight clothes but nowadays, I prefer a looser, relaxed fit,” shares Pia. She also reveals how items from the line are perfect for travel. “I also wear the HEATTECH items. They really save your life when you travel. Instead of layering so much clothes, you simply have one or two HEATTECH layers, which I love pairing with the Ultra Light Down collection. That’s enough for me even when it’s so cold out.”

EARTH HOUR. Take your monotonous look to the next level by layering two textured clothing. But just be careful not to overdo it. (Ultra Light Down jacket, Fluffy Fleece Long sleeve jacket, Heattech turtle neck Long Sleeve t-shirt, Curved Pants all by UNIQLO)

Our cover star has always been a fan of UNIQLO, with her love affair beginning in 2014, when a pre-Miss Universe Pia was asked to be one of the models for a collection launch. “Before, in SM Megamall, they would get models to wear the clothes. You just stand still while customers come and go,” she says with a laugh. “After that, I would buy items from them all the time. Some people might think that many of the items look basic, but I’ve learned to style them in the way that I want. If I’m wearing a crewneck t-shirt and jeans from the brand, I’ll pair it with some statement heels. If I’m wearing their button-down shirt, I’ll maybe tie it from the front. That’s what I love about UNIQLO—their items make it easy for you to make it you own,” she shares. Obviously, this is someone who knows what she wants, most certainly when it comes to fashion.

White Heat
White Heat. Layers can be light and breezy with tone-on-tone white ensembles.

“My style is ever-changing. I love experimenting. There are days when I’m willing to take a risk for a big event, and other days when enjoy dressing down,” she says. To Pia, style is a form of expression that helps your personality come out. “Don’t you feel good when you like what you’re wearing? You seem to have extra confidence. You walk taller, you stand better. It helps to know that you look good,” she says.

(Ultra Light Down Vest, Heattech Fleece Turtle Neck Long Sleeve shirt, U Jersey Flared Skirt all by UNIQLO)

Before we part ways, Pia, who has always been known to be comfortable with her image, wants people to know that despite her confident appearance, she also has her bad days. “When people look at me, they might think, ‘Oh, ayos na ayos siya,’ and they think I don’t have bad days,” she says. “Instagram is not real life; I have days when I don’t feel a hundred percent and that’s okay. What’s important is that you accept your flaws, but you know what your strengths are too. You can’t let your insecurities eat you up. But what you can do is highlight your strengths, and one way to do that is to express yourself through your style.” 

Photography Erwin Canlas of New Monarq Creativx
Art Direction Shaira Bungcag
Fashion direction RJ Roque
Assisted Daniel Reyes
Makeup Pong Niu
Hair Nante Alingasa
Shoot Coordination Thea Martin
Shoot Assistant Joy Almero
Special Thanks to Rikka Fernandez

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