Pia Wurtzbach Shares Her Eye-Opening Experience At The LASIK Center

Pia Wurtzbach Shares Her Eye-Opening Experience At The LASIK Center


“I had an unusual birthday celebration which I spent at The Medical City and received the best gift — corrective treatment for my eyes so I can see clearly!” — Pia Wurtzbach on visiting The LASIK Center (TLC), the Refractive Surgery Unit of The Medical City’s Eye and Vision Institute in September last year.

Imagine waking up in the morning without needing to squint to look at the clock to know the time. Are you still wearing eyeglasses that are sometimes uncomfortable and inconvenient? Or perhaps you’re one of many who have become lazy with their contact lenses, especially after experiencing some discomfort. LASIK, or laser eye procedure reintroduces you to a sharper, bolder, and more beautiful world, and frees you from spectacles and contact lenses.

Out Of Focus

Technological advancement and innovations have resulted in the remarkably growing eye surgery market. Vision defects due to pollution, regular use of gadgets, and other factors create the demand. Pia Wurtzbach describes her experience, “Commonly known as LASIK, I had an amazing doctor who explained to me the procedure. It was painless, really, even though it had ‘Final Destination’ feels to get my eyes zapped with the laser pointed to my eyes,” she laughs. “But Dr. Trudy Agdeppa and her staff were very reassuring, so I didn’t get scared,” she adds.

The procedure will take an average of 20 minutes at The LASIK Center of The Medical City Eye and Vision Institute. During that time, the refractive surgeon reshapes the cornea by removing precise amounts of corneal tissue to correct the patient’s degree of refractive error using the fastest, bladeless/all-laser LASIK machine called the Alcon Wavelight. Since it is done within the hospital and performed by highly-skilled refractive surgeons, this is safe, precise and effective. There is little downtime and you can do activities as tolerated. Most patients can drive and work the day after.

Love At First Sight

Waking up the day after the surgery, the Miss Universe recalls opening her eyes and feeling like a brand new person, “I could see the small details of my room, and the first thing I did was look out my balcony! I was so amused to see the buildings clearly, the pool, the tiny people in the pool, and even the pool in the next building! Yes, I was very excited about my new set of eyes!”

Her new eyes gave her more freedom to live an active lifestyle and the convenience of not having to wear glasses or put on contact lenses daily, which she had been doing since she was in her late teens. Pia gleefully adds, “This procedure did not only change my vision but also my perspective — to notice and appreciate the fine details of life no matter how small they are. It was like seeing everything for the first time, as cliché as it may sound.” From 20/200 to 20/15 perfect vision. Pia Wurtzbach agrees that 2015 is her lucky number.

For more information about The Medical City LASIK Center, you may visit their website.

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