Pick The Perfect Gift Ideas From Chanel Holiday 2019 Collection

Pick The Perfect Gift Ideas From Chanel Holiday 2019 Collection


What could be a perfect gift to someone really special? In this season of gift-giving, wrap a luxurious present and end the year with a whole lot of luster.

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Complementing modernity with festive grandeur, Lucia Pica visions Chanel Holiday 2019 Collection with a range of statement smokey eyes and glossy lustrous lip, all evoking both splendor and minimalism. The Rouge Allure features a limited-edition packaging while the powders have ornately engraved surface with a vintage Chanel button. “I wanted to express the idea of richness that particularly fits with the festive time of the year—but a mastered and modern richness,” shares Lucia Pica.

Exclusive Creation Rouge Allure and Rogue Allure Coco Gloss

Pout the lips while wearing a vivid red color of the iconic Rouge Allure. With six luxurious and luminous shades, Chanel revamped their lip products for a subtle to dramatic look. Whether worn alone or as a layer, Rogue Allure Coco Gloss highlights rich and shinier lips.

Exclusive Creation Éclat Magnétique De Chanel

In the shade of satiny peach that displays a lustrous, pearlescent shine, Éclat Magnétique De Chanel is built with blendable texture to perfectly enhance and gently sculpt the cheeks with its elegant incandescence. 

Exclusive Creation Les 4 Ombres and Exclusive Creation Ombre Premiére

Encapsulating the hues of the holiday season, the Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow products are formulated with a creamy powder texture for easier blending and layering on the eye area. Its versatile shades work right for any skin complexion.

Stylo Yuex Waterproof

Adding an elegant definition, the rich, highly-pigmented Stylo Yeux Waterproof Khaki Pencil can either strongly define your eyes or blend your eyeshadows for a little drama.

Le Vernis

Whether a deep or rich lacquer, Le Vernis is the final touch of color you need. These high-shine shades are also dramatically pigmented for long-lasting polished nails.

As Mademoiselle Chanel pictures a beauty approach where less is more, they re-imagined Les Ornements De Chanel to simplify beauty with a dab of luxury, richness, and modernity.

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