Pillowtalks Uncensored: 4 Girls Speak Up About The Real Skin Issues

Pillowtalks Uncensored: 4 Girls Speak Up About The Real Skin Issues


Let’s get real for a minute and keep our bedroom voices low. Slip on some comfy pajamas and your cutest slippers because we’re about to take you to the slumber party of the century! Amidst silky sleepwear, pillow fights, and Estée Lauder goodies, our girlfriends Tricia Centenera, Denise Heredia, Cha Cruz, and Kara Gozali speak up about what keeps them up at night and how a magic brown bottle ends all their worrying. Listen well as we let you in on some modern Filipina pillowtalk and don’t forget to keep it hush-hush!
Here’s a clue: if you had 3 wishes about your beauty, all you need is to rub a magic brown bottle, and Estée Lauder will serve as your genie!

We rounded up 4 lovely ladies who shine in their fields and though they come from different circles, they share one common woe: skincare. Whether you’re an athlete in the courts or a model clocking in hours in shoots, beauty takes no prisoners and takes its toll starting in your twenties. Tune in below for real testimonials of everyday girl issues and how one miracle worker has our backs.

Cha Cruz

If a girl can be in two places at once, Cha would probably be on the courts or in a classroom. Always in a race with time, this pro-volleyball player jumps from place to place and at the end of the day deals with rough skin. Listen to her pillowtalk right here.

Denise Heredia

You have to give it to the girl who tries to balance a schedule like Denise. She’s a full-time Communications student, an artist, and a social media influencer too! Who’s the girl behind the sleepless nights, the paint blotches, and the packed weekends? Find out her story and listen to her pillowtalk here.

Tricia Centenera

You’ve probably seen her as a host on television, or maybe as a featured personality in a fashion magazine, or maybe you’ve heard her speak on the airwaves in an inspirational podcast. Tricia is no stranger to the limelight and knows better than anyone that there’s no escaping the glare of the spotlight. Find out what keeps Tricia up at night and listen to her pillowtalk here.

Kara Gozali

Beauty and brains takes on the form of Kara Gozali who is a full-time medicine student and a part-time model. What’s her specialty? Dermatology in its finest form! Get to know the next Hot Doctor in town and hear her get intimate in her pillowtalk story here.

Text Louise Sicat. Photography Heidi Sarol. Art Mina Aglipay. Models Tricia Centenera, Kara Gozali, Cha Cruz, and Denise Heredia. Makeup Franco Ferrer and Angie Saul of Estée Lauder PH. Clothing American Eagle Outfitters Aerie. Hair Styling by Hair Lounge. Special thanks to Richmonde Hotel Ortigas and Mario’s Kitchen.

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