It Only Takes One Minute To Raise Your Chance Against Breast Cancer

It Only Takes One Minute To Raise Your Chance Against Breast Cancer


A minute can do a lot more than we actually think it does. A lot of times, we hope for one more minute to spend time with a loved one. 60 seconds can also work wonders for us to make it through deadlines. But more than this, a minute is all it takes for us to fight breast cancer. Knowing its risk and early detection is all we need to up our chance at winning over it. All there is to do is make the Pink Minute a habit.

Pink Minute Campaign

This campaign from Avon aims to spread not only breast cancer awareness but also early detection of the illness. This gives every woman best chances of survival and even prevention. Examining yourself for one whole minute can change your life.

With this campaign, Avon recently launched a fundraising initiative for the Avon-Philippine General Hospital Breast Care Center. A Live, Love, Laugh necklace will be available for purchase starting October for only P299. Part of its proceeds will go to the brand’s breast cancer awareness efforts.

Learn more on how to do self-examination through the illustration below:

In front of the mirror

Start with the arms at your sides, then, clasp your hands behind your head. Take note of any irregularity in your breast’s appearance such as puckering, dimpling or scaling.

Afterwards, gently squeeze your nipples and check for any discharge.

In the shower

Put your right hand behind your head.

Press the fingers of your left hand firmly on your right breast and feel for any lump or thickening.

Repeat the procedure using the right hand to examine the left breast.

While Laying Down

Place a pillow under your right shoulder. Put your right hand behind your head. Place your left hand firlmy on your right breast then press. Start at the outermost top edge then work your way towards the nipple in a circular motion, feeling for any lump or mass.


Check the areas between the breast and armpit as well. Repeat the procedure on your left breast.

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