Pinoy Tiktok Couples That Are Taking Over The Internet

Pinoy Tiktok Couples That Are Taking Over The Internet


We can feel the love radiating from our screens! These Tiktok couples are taking over the internet one video at a time.

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It’s inevitable to date someone who has lots of similar interests like you. You guys have probably met over a joint activity or maybe even on the internet through doing a duet of each other’s Tiktok. In other cases, you can also find great bonding fun by making content together. That’s what happened to these three Tiktok couples who are taking the internet by storm. They’ve got their fan bases, matching outfits, and cute couple videos. Whether it’s making fashion Tiktoks or projecting a trophy relationship on screen, we’re sure you’ve heard about them and enjoy their fun Tiktoks. If you haven’t, then you’re in luck. We’ve listed down three Tiktok couples who you can follow for kilig content.

Mika Carapiet and Trisha Diaz De Rivera

Content: Fashion, pranks, and POV
Streetwear, sneakers, and a whole lot of pranking! These two fashion lovers are known on Tiktok for their hilarious videos and tasteful sense of fashion. If you’re looking to up the ante in terms of style with your significant other, then you should definitely check out these two.

Landamme Vivas and Rain Matienzo

Content: POV and story time
Who doesn’t know about the trophy wife metaverse? GMA artist and host, Rain Matienzo, created the trophy wife persona months ago with a viral video. Her trophy husband, Landamme Vivas, joined in on the fun and now they’re a trophy family. They even got news reporter, Atom Araullo, in the mix as the trophy wife’s crush.

Kai Javier and Raphael Oviedo

Content: Beauty, pranks, and story time
You may know Kai Javier as one of the co-founders of Kayu Beauty, but you should also know her as the maldita beauty source of the platform as well. Recently, she’s been sharing her platform with her longtime boyfriend, Raphael Oviedo. They’ve been making content about beauty reviews, pranks, and their dates.

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