Plan Your Next Date With Ideas From Your Favorite Celebrity Couples

Plan Your Next Date With Ideas From Your Favorite Celebrity Couples


Killing time is so much better when you have a partner in crime with you.

The pandemic has challenged the ways we could spend time with our loved ones. From birthday video calls and virtual dates to online shopping gift giving, we’ve found more creative ways for others to feel our presence.

Now that things are looking up and restrictions have eased up, physical interaction is now possible. You can now RSVP to face to face family gatherings, and schedule hang outs with your friends; not to mention see your significant others and plan dates. With that in mind, here are some ideas from your fave celebrity pairings for your next date:

Get physical!

For those who have been cooped up for so long, the best way to ease your way into the outdoor scene is get your body moving and try a new hobby or sport. In Kathryn and Daniel‘s case, they opted to try skateboarding together.

Keep your skin healthy.

Your personal pamper session can be shared with your significant other so you’ll both have glowing, radiant skin! Level up your bonding time by having a facial for two, just like Maja with her fiancé, Rambo.

Go on a food trip!

Food is a natural element that brings people closer and adds spice to conversations, so why not discover new restaurants with your lover? Just like Gabbi and Khalil, you’ll not just enjoy the food, but also the drive and conversations.

Be one with nature together.

For those who like a more adventurous type of date, why not go out (literally and figuratively) of your comfort zone and try camping? This will test your survival skills, so it’s a whole other level of getting to know each other. Don’t forget to take good pictures, just like Bea and Dominic!

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