PlayListed: Beach Jams To Soundtrack Your Summer

PlayListed: Beach Jams To Soundtrack Your Summer


Summer is finally here and a lot of us take these hotter months as an opportunity to slow down and unwind when we can. We know you’re planning your weekend beach trip and while we’ve been showing you tips on how to dress for the heat and tricks on how to pack for a vacation, we know a getaway takes more than clothes. So for this week’s PlayListed, we’ve got summer anthems to keep you company whether on your roadtrip or flight or to soundtrack your beach parties and slowed down nights—featuring a diverse collection of tracks ranging from British house to K-hip hop.

1. Clean – The Japanese House 

PlayListed: Beach Jams To Soundtrack Your Summer
Photo from Drunken Werewolf

Amber Bain has got a ton of tricks up her sleeve. With 4 EPs full of melancholic melodies, this young Brit has surely proven to be a powerhouse with relaxing layered harmonies that remind us of a serene sunny scene. Listen to her single from her 2nd EP of the same name before her full-length record drops soon.

2. Miles Apart – Liss 

PlayListed: Beach Jams To Soundtrack Your Summer
Photo from Sodowee

Danish band, Liss have caught our attention since we listened to their first 2 singles. In fact, it was so good that it was absolutely worth the small price that it costed since they weren’t on any streaming services back then. Their 2nd mini album is a compilation of incredibly catchy tracks witn 80s production and crooning vocals and Miles Apart is absolutely a great representative for it. 

3. Daydream – J-hope

PlayListed: Beach Jams To Soundtrack Your Summer
Still from Daydream Music Video

If there’s anyone who broke the internet this week, it’s Jung Hoseok—known professionally as J-Hope from Korean boy group, BTS. The rapper and producer has proved his prowess with a colorful mixtape that encompassed genres—demonstrating his utter versatility with 7 exceptional tracks. BTS fans, we know you’ve been waiting for Hope World for ages and for those who are unfamiliar with Korean music, this is more than the field of conventional k-pop. Have a listen and gift your ears the eclectic sound of cross-cultural hip-hop fused with electro-house with Daydream.

4. Bloodshake – Peace

PlayListed: Beach Jams To Soundtrack Your Summer
Photo by Johnny Craig

With a new album dropping next month, we absolutely can’t wait to see what 4-piece alternative outfit, Peace is going to do next. But looking back on their past achievements, we still can’t get over the laidback summer vibes that their debut extended play brought us, The watermelon cover art is self-explanatory, it’s the perfect summer anthem for your getaway playlist.

5. Machu Picchu – The Strokes

PlayListed: Beach Jams To Soundtrack Your Summer
Photo from Concrete Playground

Perhaps the most recognizable rock group of the 2000s, The Strokes have been putting out fervent  jams since their widespread acclaim for Is This It. And while fans have been on a debate with their stance on 2009 release, Angles, nobody can deny that it had the upbeat boosters absolutely apt for lowkey parties, particularly its lead single, Machu Picchu.

6. Not In Love – Crystal Castles

PlayListed: Beach Jams To Soundtrack Your Summer
Photo from Blurred Culture

Crystal Castles were one of the ones who defined rave music. They were the most played artist in teen-centered shows like Skins and basically had the most insane live shows. For their Crystal Castles (II) record, the Toronto-hailing pair linked up with Robert Smith of The Cure to create the ultimate track for your next rager.

7. Girl – Jamie xx

PlayListed: Beach Jams To Soundtrack Your Summer
Photo from DIY Mag

Since we’re on the subject of rave music, one of the experts on the genre and scene is British producer, Jamie xx. If you ask us, his critically-acclaimed album, In Color is the best record to play at any party. This easy-going track is a A+ choice to soundtrack your carefree summer night.

8. Nights – Frank Ocean

PlayListed: Beach Jams To Soundtrack Your Summer
Photo from Gloss

Going for something a little slower, get away from the party with this Frank Ocean track from his latest work, Blonde. It’s a beautifully structured piece that begins as an upbeat, happy groove, then mutates into a psychedelic ballad, before concluding on a soothing and slow hip hop beat.

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