Posing For The Real World: 5 Models Who Walk By Example

Posing For The Real World: 5 Models Who Walk By Example


As these Filipino women conquer their chosen industries, they live on to prove that with great beauty comes responsibility!

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There is no more denying that a Filipino does not just write one skill in their resumé. Whether it’s the effect of parental guidance, sheer boredom, or from the need to survive, we can ace versatility any given day.

To no surprise, the Philippine modeling industry is full of multifaceted individuals who—along with posing for the camera and conquering the runway—venture into their own paths to carve their names in not just one field.

With that, here are the women whose beauty runs with grit to make a difference in this world.

Kylie Versoza

We all know Kylie as the Miss International 2016 and as an actress, but did you know that she put up her own organization for her mental health advocacy? Mental Health Matters PH is a platform that supports and raises awareness for Filipinos to take care of their minds. The non-government organization also provides a free tele-consultation on KonsultaMD for those who need help when the going gets tough.

Kara Gozali-Agas

This towering charmer is a licensed physician who uses her online influence not just for fun topics like fashion and beauty but also for pertinent information such as eye health and vaccination. Having someone like Kara who relays information in easy tidbits is a good way to educate others who rely on TikTok or Instagram for tips.

Wilma Dassent

Mainly recognized by the younger generation as a comedy actress, Wilma actually started out as a professional model. Today, she is also an entrepreneur who manages her food business.

Apples Aberin

Before working her way up in the marketing and PR industry ladder, Apples was actually one of the OG models of the country.

Patch Magtanong

Patch is one triple threat type of lady with her list of accomplishments—lawyer, Bb. Pilipinas International 2019, and model. After enjoying her crowning moment, she is devoting her time into practicing law.

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