Positive Aging: Be Your Ultimate Self As You Grow Older

Positive Aging: Be Your Ultimate Self As You Grow Older


Entering your 40s can be a thrilling life milestone, especially when you have an Ultimate beauty supplement by your side to boost your graces

Aging has historically been framed as a process of learned helplessness and hopelessness; associated with weakness and not having enough motivation to do more. This way of thinking manifests in our existing culture of beauty, where a woman’s worth and relevance hinges on her ability to maintain her looks well into her twilight years. Think of this headline lauding 81-year-old Martha Stewart for being TikTok’s new face of skincare, or Carmen Dell’Orefice, the world’s oldest model, lauded for her latest daring photoshoot.

It’s easy to see why we take such great pains to avoid “getting older”: we try out a slew of trendy products straight out of 10-step routines, we buy clothes that no longer fit the natural contours of our bodies, we continue to eat food that has long been labeled as guilty pleasures—anything to reverse the effects of aging or stop them in their tracks. This is most evident in the way we regard our physical appearance. Case in point: our skin.

Shifting internally

As we grow older, we lose elastic tissues and experience much thinning across all layers. This results in a sagging, rough, and fragile appearance characterized by fine lines, dark spots, and a duller complexion. Instead of resisting this inevitability and resorting to the same topical treatments we’ve turned to in previous years, it’s time to acknowledge that our skin needs deeper care beyond the surface level.

Myra Ultimate Box of 30 capsules

From the makers of the country’s leading Vitamin E supplement, Myra Ultimate contains the super antioxidant astaxanthin, which has 6,000 times more the antioxidant power than Vitamin C, helping you achieve supple skin. Myra has always challenged its audience to reevaluate if the products in their current rotation still address their specific skincare problems and, if possible, make the switch to a brand that truly understands.

This is an exercise in positive aging: coming to terms with the changes brought by this new stage in life and doing whatever we need to continue functioning at our best. The shame that comes with age is mostly superficial—it’s just a number. However, having products that also carry a positive mindset about aging can contribute to our overall wellness, both internally and externally.

Finding a product that meets our skin where it is and caters to its specific needs allows us to shift our focus away from superficial stress and embrace the process of growing old. Other ways we can adopt a more positive attitude towards this stage in our lives include taking more risks and being more visible. A confident woman of ultimate power does not shy away from her refreshed beauty, and hopefully through the benefits of keeping your skin in check, there should be no shame in standing out from a crowd. You should be seen for who you are, and age is out of the picture.

Keeping a positive mindset about racing your 40s and beyond definitely helps your daily activities and overall mental health. But more importantly, you can enjoy a youthful verve brought about by a change in your beauty routine—and with Myra Ultimate always by your side, you will only get better with the passage of time.

Myra Ultimate is available per capsule at PHP 20, and in a box of 30s at PHP 600. You may find Myra Ultimate in all leading drugstores nationwide and online via Lazada and Shopee. Prices may vary depending on the place of purchase.

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