Pour the Perfect Pint and Enjoy Beer the Right Way

Pour the Perfect Pint and Enjoy Beer the Right Way


Drinking cold beer is probably the best way to end the day for most people. Just grab a bottle or can, pop it open, and gulp it right away. Easy, right? But what most people don’t know is that there’s more to enjoying beer than drinking it straight off the bottle. Read on, grab a cold one, and pour the perfect pint:

To make the perfect glass of beer, start with clean glassware.

The tiniest amount of dust, soap, oil from food, lip products, and anything else can alter beer’s taste and make it go from being good to bad. Make sure to serve beer in a clean glass by handwashing with detergent, rinsing it well, and air-drying it upside down on mesh. This will ensure the cleanliness of the glass and avoid putting lint or traces of fabric that can be left behind when glasses are wiped dry with a towel.

Cold beer and glasses are nice, but aren’t necessarily the way to go.

Beer is best served when it’s cold. The best temperature to serve beer is between 5°C and 7°C.

Take your pick of ale or lager.

When it comes to distinguishing beer, there are really only two general types: ale or lager. The main difference between ale and lager is just one thing: yeast. Ales use the top fermenting yeast which imparts a fruity character, while the lagers use the bottom fermenting yeast which give it a cleaner, crisper flavor. For those who prefer the latter, San Miguel Super Dry is a perfect example. Made with quality hops, the light amber lager has strong, aromatic hop notes and flavors that give off an overall dry character, and it finishes smoothly with a clean, crisp, hoppy taste.

Learn the art of proper pouring.

Some people tend to pour beer straight out of the bottle and into the glass, making a mess along the way, while some people try hard to tilt the glass so much to not let any foam occur. Both methods, however, are wrong. To pour the perfect pint, hold the glass at a 45° angle and pour the beer, aiming for the middle of the slope until the glass is half full. Once it’s halfway full, slowly tilt the glass upright while pouring the remaining amount of beer. This will let the beer have about an inch of “head,” or foam. Pouring a beer with a good head helps bring the aromas out as the carbon dioxide carries with it intense and complex aromas from the beer.

Swirling, sniffing, and sipping aren’t just for wine-lovers.

To really get the full flavor of the beer, agitate the beer by swirling it around the glass to release the aromas and rouse the beer’s carbonation. Take a few quick sniffs of the aroma—the scent of the beer tells a lot about how it tastes. Then, take an ample sip of the beer and hold it in your mouth for a moment. This is where the beer’s mouthfeel, bitterness, sweetness, flavors, alcohol level, and other taste qualities will really shine. Take a note also on how the flavor of the beer changes from the tip of the tongue, the middle of the mouth, and down the throat.

Lastly, enjoy.

A good bottle of beer must be relished in order to appreciate it as a whole.

Drinking beer has never been this tasteful and enjoyable. Revel in the flavorful aromas of San Miguel Super Dry with each sip, and savor the perfect pint.

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