Prada F/W 2022 Menswear Show: A Collection Of Stars And Practical Meaningful Fashion

Prada F/W 2022 Menswear Show: A Collection Of Stars And Practical Meaningful Fashion


From veteran actor Jeff Goldblum to younger faces like Sex Education’s Asa Butterfield, the Milan-based show dazzled with big personalities as its main characters. 

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The fashion world has been thrust into a frenzy of emotions, especially during the latter half of January. We saw how many mourned the untimely demise of icons who shaped the industry—André Leon Talley and Thierry Mugler. Fortunately, the sad realities of death were met with lighter events. It was not hard to witness and observe the celebration of all things fashion with the arrival of the 2022’s first Paris Fashion Week. Joy superseded frustration despite the retreat of many fashion houses from participating due to the aggressive omicron variant of COVID-19. The showcasing of new collections and collaborations sparked many conversations online. One of those most raved about was the Prada F/W (Fall/Winter) 2022 Menswear show in Milan—and for good reasons.

Pragmatic Themes and Fashion

First basis of interest was due to none other than the brand new collection called “Body of Work”. As opposed to the F/W 2021’s utilization of textures and geometric shapes, co-creators Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons focused on muted wears that are quintessential of quotidian and practical fashion. 

The apparel takes appreciation of masculine silhouettes—highlighting mostly the shoulders and waist. The colorways are mostly black and midnight blue hues—making the perfect sartorial staples. Although, the collection’s palette still patronizes brighter colors, such as canary yellow to more pastel tones of pink and blue, which bring levity to the otherwise stark monotone pieces. 

Prada’s post-show release eloquently describes the essence of this season’s designs, “Garments exemplify a constructed modernism, their inherent architecture serving to define shape and form. The body is given emphasis, shoulders and waist delineated through traditional tailoring, a silhouette then transmuted to everyday garments, the two disciplines not only juxtaposed but brought together as one. Through fabrication and methodology, an equal gravity is given to each genre of clothing—every facet of reality is offered significance, a sophistication, and esteem, a lasting value.

In an interview with Vogue, head designer Prada confirmed the line’s theme centralized around the idea of working. The clothes come with the deep intention of making one feel valuable. 

We were thinking about meaningful fashion, pieces that make sense. Clothes that make people feel important. The collection celebrates the idea of working—in all different spheres and meanings. It is a practical, everyday thing. But here, you are formally important. You are not casual.” 

Models emerged from a futuristic tunnel before stepping foot in the zig-zag-lit path that winds all through the Deposito of the Fondazione Prada in Milan. The entrance felt like a reference to a brighter and hopefully near prospective where all can seep back into our pre-pandemic work norms. Meanwhile, the staging and music seemed to embody the concept that work is a performance

Many would have to agree that the Prada F/W 2022 Menswear show’s theme is fitting to today’s time. The landscape of “work” has evolved through the years due to the worldwide pandemic. From structure to priorities, today’s picture of working holds a stark difference from that of pre-COVID. 


Social media was awash with articles covering the personalities who were in attendance or who geared up the best fashion-wise. However, Prada’s most recent show took another route—placing the celebs on the runway rather than in the front row seats. This is not a runway show that’s a first of its kind though. It is reminiscent of the house’s star-studded Fall 2012 show. Back then, it was Hollywood veterans Willem Dafoe, Gary Oldman, and Adrien Body who were receiving the limelight. 

This year’s presentation is no less blinding. 

First out of the sci-fi-looking tunnel is veteran actor Kyle MacLachlan of hit series Twin Peaks. He sports a long, straight-cut coat that covers sheer baby blue overalls, equally-toned gloves, and a patterned turtleneck to provide contrast. 

The limelight is quickly shed on the younger enlisted stars like long-time actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster from the Maze Runner series. Louis Patridge from Netflix Enola Holmes, who coincidentally wanted to pursue a career in being a runway model instead of acting, also made an appearance. Both wear a dangling earring that alludes to Prada’s signature triangle branding and a patterned turtleneck that references the 2021 F/W season’s use of geometric patterns.

Netflix Sex Education’s leading man Asa Butterfield ditches the long coat and goes for a matching navy blue tailored blazer and trousers. Breaking the monotony, sheer baby blue fabric pops from the actor’s ankles and gloves.

Joining MacLachlan as one of the more senior cast members of the show is Jurassic Park star, Jeff Goldblum. The actor marks this experience as his first. His stiff walk is proof that this is indeed his runway debut. Nonetheless, he stuns in his distinguished look and makes a worthy closing act for the show. He models a coat and gloves of similar color to MacLachlan’s trench, but with fur adorning the shoulders and trim. For his inner apparel, he dons a navy turtleneck and trousers.

Other stars who made the Prada F/W 2022 Menswear show in Milan even brighter were Ashton Sanders, Damson Idris, Tom Mercier, Jaden Michael, and Filippo Scotti. Catch a glimpse of them below. 

Watch the star-studded Milan-based runway show here.

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