Say It With Petalier: These Premium Flower Arrangements Are Here To Conquer Valentine’s Day

Say It With Petalier: These Premium Flower Arrangements Are Here To Conquer Valentine’s Day


Love is made for me and you in the form of luxurious and elegant flowers by Petalier that can be delivered to your doorstep this coming hearts’ day

Love is patient and love is kind, love makes the world go round, and love makes the sun shine and flowers bloom. 

Despite all the beautiful and artful quotes surrounding it, love can be challenging. Having a lover can sometimes mean overcoming long distances and being content with a few scheduled video calls here and there. Love can mean battling misunderstandings, conquering the fear of commitment, or getting over a heartbreak. Still, life is too short to keep your thoughts to yourself, which is why Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your loved ones that you care. 

The day of love is also a day of gifts, and what better way to share the emotions you can’t seem to communicate than with a floral bouquet. Back in the Victorian era, society used to deem openly expressing your feelings of love unacceptable, so lovestruck admirers would use floriography or the art of sending flowers to express their messages, as each flower was given a different meaning. For instance, red roses meant passion and romance, which is why it is a popular pick for the promised day. 

Today, Petalier has made it a mission to provide you with bouquets of luxury and a barrage of carefully-arranged petals with its meaningful and romantic flower arrangements. 

Providing you with more ways to give love

Since its establishment back in October 2015, Petalier has formed its brand as an online luxury flower boutique that thrives with the purpose of beholding beauty and practicing elegance in the art of flower arranging. A premium trendsetter, Petalier does not simply send a message with flowers, but makes a statement with its signature pieces that come in sophisticated arrangements. 

The business grew further as it catered to well-known celebrities, such as Kris Aquino and Ruffa Gutierrez, and notable brands, such as Moschino and L’Oreal. Using modern techniques to reiterate traditional floriography, Petalier is what you will surely be looking for in the season of hearts. 

#SayItWithPetalier by choosing from their wide selection of pinks and reds

Petalier boasts both simplicity and grandness in their Valentine’s flower arrangements. You can choose from palm-sized boxes to gigantic heart-shaped designs and have it delivered to your home or a loved one’s doorstep with just a simple call or a click of a button. Admire and choose from the aesthetics of their classic, premium, acrylique, floraison, and wrapped bouquet collection. 

These Valentine’s flowers come in many collections to suit your or your lover’s interests.  Petalier promotes exceptional customer service, making sure that its clients get what they want down to the dot. 

Their classic collection consists of neatly arranged flowers that come in little boxes that come in a circle, square, or heart. The premium collection, on the other hand, gives you the option of having the flowers itself to form the shape of a heart! Your chosen arrangements can also come in an exquisite transparent acrylique, a decorative vase, or simply wrapped in a traditional bouquet. These flowers aren’t merely placed for show, but with the intention of wholly giving a piece of your heart to that special someone. The store allows you to send a written message, as well, completing the package. 

Petalier also offers the addition of one of their miniature strawberry cakes with an additional fee for a loved one with a sweet tooth. You are also given the power to choose the color of the ribbons, the containers, or the bouquet wrappers, creating an assortment of styles and patterns. Fairy lights can also be added to your selected motif. Petalier gives you possibilities as limitless as your love. 

Order your flowers as early as today! Visit their website, Facebook, and Instagram to learn more. 

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