Pride and Prejudice in New Masculinity

Pride and Prejudice in New Masculinity


In promoting pride against the prejudices of society, Men’s Club by Avon encourages the breaking of stereotypes and building a more inclusive world for diverse types of men

Men, too, are diverse with their own tales to tell the world. Men’s Club by Avon believes that it’s time to build a more inclusive society over the identities and choices of men by showcasing diversity with their line of men’s underwear. As different men come together to advocate this cause, Men’s Club by Avon aims to uplift the voices and optimism among the masses in seeking truth and promoting acceptance. Personalities like Alex Diaz, Gino Quillamor, and Gerick Manalo represent these stories of the new masculinity battling prejudice and promoting pride.

Inclusivity beyond identity

As a well-known actor who braved through society’s eyes, Alex is the epitome of a rising icon of versatility and truth, as he showcases his self-confidence with a sleek suit paired with the gender-neutral Andy boxers from Men’s Club by Avon.

When it comes to pride, Alex Diaz has been an established name because of the strength and dignity that he showcased in a past incident that involved his sexuality. In order to own his truth and identity, Alex came out as bisexual two years ago, battling the judgment of society. “My gender expression, my self-expression, how I dress, how I act, things that I like, they never really fit into the box of being a ‘straight person’,” he told us.

“It was only after 2019 when I ‘outed’ that I was finally able to say that I don’t mind. My narrative became my own and I started telling my own story. I think that’s when the prejudice stopped. That’s when the pride started.”


Besides telling his story, Alex also expressed his joy in becoming one of the images of the campaign. “I think it’s great that Men’s Club by Avon is not just about chiseled abs or something. The message is you don’t have to fit into this shape to be a part of the Men’s Club,” he happily remarked. “I’m so happy to be a part of this. Ever since 2019, my story has been put out there to push campaigns about LGBTQ, so it’s nice to be a part of a campaign that’s about inclusivity and not necessarily about being queer. We all just wanna be. I think that’s what Men’s Club by Avon represents.” 

Inclusivity beyond shape

Gino proves that one’s confidence and capabilities are not measured by a chiseled body or hiding the things you love, as shown when he boldly pairs Men’s Club by Avon Vernon briefs with a smart casual ensemble.

While Gino Quillamor’s image has always been that of an excellent and entertaining host and DJ, he also openly discussed his love for theater. Gino shared with us the story of how he had been called out for this passion. “I remember in the first seven or eight years of my career, there was always this question [of] ‘Is he really straight’?” Gino said, explaining that his friends always used to think that theater arts and musicals are mostly feminine. 

“I have to thank the whole ‘dad bod’ thing because [the trend] made it a lot easier for people to accept that there are different body types.”


“I love it because if you’re thinking of an underwear shoot, who do you get? You know, it’s people with six-packs, and clearly I’m not one of those guys!” The DJ said laughingly. “It’s also inclusivity in different body types, genders, and ages. So, it’s great that Avon came up with this line to put inclusivity in the spotlight.”

Inclusivity beyond profession

Gerick’s self-esteem never wavered when he pursued his career as a chef despite the many words he received from society. Now, the young chef proudly presents a fresh new outlook with a red suit and Men’s Club by Avon Matthew briefs. 

For men who are masters of food art and cooking, Gerick Manalo shares his own story. “Personally, I was able to experience this judgment as a chef wherein society established that kitchen duties should only be for women,” Gerick pointed out. However, Gerick strongly asserts otherwise.

“I’ve been in the industry for 8 years now and to me, learning never stops. I’ve been exposed to aspire more in reaching greater heights than to spend time thinking of what society has to say about my career.”


Gerick believes that this campaign will help society be more accepting. “Avon has been very effective to enlighten our society to end the stigma against toxic masculinity and ideologies,“ The chef commented. “I love my job and I will continue inspiring other people to break stereotype ideas about masculinity and how men should portray themselves to the society we live in.”

Photography KIERAN PUNAY of STUDIO 100
Creative Direction EL PEREIRA
Grooming and Hair CATS DEL ROSARIO (ALEX)
Sittings Editor NICOLE ALMERO
Shoot Coordination KZ FRANCISCO and MJ ALMERO

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