Princess Angelica Consing On Redefining Success and Leading a Male-dominated Industry

Princess Angelica Consing On Redefining Success and Leading a Male-dominated Industry


This daring businesswoman is taking the world in style

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Which career does a woman belong to? Anywhere she likes—similar to how Princess Angelica Consing is taking over the business industry from all directions.

Starting is the first and probably hardest step when it comes to establishing a business. For Consing, she already knew the career path she had to take since her passion for entrepreneurship ignited during her childhood. While studying, her firsthand experience of entrepreneurship was through buying and selling, and participating in bazaars.

However, Consing didn’t really jump into entrepreneurship after graduation. She started as an employee to gain experience, was exposed to various industries and expanded her network. “When I felt fully prepared to enter entrepreneurship, then that’s when I did it full time,” says Consing.

In finding the balance between what she’s good at and what she wants to do, there seems to be no difference between the two. Entrepreneurship was the means for her to get everything she wanted in life, and so this process continues to be enjoyable and worthwhile.

It’s an indisputable fact that the industry’s walls are hard to penetrate and the opportunity to rise through the ranks can be far more difficult, especially for women. But Consing did all that in a powerful, remarkable fashion. When she was appointed as president and CEO of Rhodium688 Builders Inc. in 2015, she knew she was making waves in her career.

The thing about being a prominent leader in Consing’s field is that the industry expects men to take charge. “As a woman in control, the most difficult thing is to run a business dominated by men. I handle this by being firm with my stand and principle. I’m very fortunate that I have a great support system starting from my business partners to our employees,” she expresses.

So what really defines a MEGA woman? For Consing, it’s character. “As a MEGA Woman, not only are you a successful person yourself—you must also contribute to the success of other people,” she says.

Looking back, where Consing is now is her ultimate dream as a child; hence, an answered prayer she will always hold dear. Her family, particularly her parents, are the people she owes her success to for having trained her early in entrepreneurship. She is also grateful for her former employers, business partners—especially their chairman Joel Consing, who is also her cousin, for having appointed her as the president and CEO—and friends for the trust and confidence they continuously give her. With this much support in her life, there’s really no room for any shadow of doubt.

Taking her daughter as her primary source of inspiration, this is her advice to young girls: “Don’t limit your dreams based on your current status. Dream big.” When Consing started, it was all zero: capital, experience, basically everything. What did she have? One hundred percent willpower, faith and belief that she could do it. “Dream not only for yourself, but for other people as well. Dream for the success of the society,” she expresses.

Their construction business Rhodium688 Builders Inc. is currently venturing into renewable energy. On the other hand, their one-stop application The Orange Platform is continuously connecting businesses, people and communities by introducing new digital venture in the market.

Consing is also thrilled to work on the swimwear brand she recently acquired, Agua Brazilian Swimwear. Aside from swimwear, she’s also expanding style and variety by adding activewear, among others.

Unsurprisingly, this woman of prowess doesn’t stop here. Consing is preparing to set up an exhibit for her newly established charity, Go Pilipinas Foundation. The cause will focus on helping people through livelihood and education projects. On the other hand, integrative and regenerative clinic JLopez will be shifting from COVID-related treatment to their core anti-aging services which include hormone replacement therapy and stem cell.

It’s only the first quarter of the year, but it seems like Consing is going all in. Here’s her advice to current entrepreneurs: Never stop learning. Pretty much like how she is using the pandemic to grow herself by exploring her creative side through painting, and by enrolling in Harvard Online Business School to specialize in entrepreneurship and innovation.

“Look at the challenges in a glass half full kind of perspective. Continuously grow yourself and expand your network. That’s where your success will rely on. Just keep on hustling,” Consing says.

How did Princess Angelica Consing manage to be a prominent figure in the industry? Read more it on MEGA’s March 2022 issue available on ReadlyMagzter, Press Reader and Zinio.

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