Protect Your Phone With These Celebrity Approved Phone Cases

Protect Your Phone With These Celebrity Approved Phone Cases


Going to take a mirror selfie? Might as well take after your favorite celebrities and show off your unique style through your phone.

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One way you can express your sense of style is through your phone case. It’s the one item you can never leave your home without, so why not accessorize it to fit your look for the day. With the many phone releases coming out, you’d be surprised at how many case options have popped out to pair with your new phone. You can choose from heavy duty options, quirky molds, sustainably made, and so much more.

Your favorite celebrities locally and internationally have even hopped on the accessorized phone case trend. They proudly show off their cute cases on their Instagram posts and stories. You can cop their cases by checking out a few of the stores below.

Minimalistic Gripped Case
Your favorite K-Pop idols love taking a mirror selfie. Blackpink’s Rosé is no different. She’s been posting photos of herself donning cute outfits with matching phone cases per outfit. We saw this particular minimalistic grippe case in Case Fancy. The grip features makes sure you’ve got a good hold of your phone throughout the day.

Hanging Case
Aside from gripping on your phone, you can also hang it on your body. Actress, Heaven Paralejo, shows us how it’s done using her Hangoo phone case. It’s the perfect case for those who are on the go like the young actress, because you can simply strap it on and use while hung.

Trendy Graphic Case
Casetify has been the go-to store for trendy graphic cases. You can now avail of the Olivia Rodrigo limited edition cases that were designed by the pop star herself. They give off a Y2k vibe that would match perfectly with your throwback outfits.

Evergreen Transparent Case
Galiza De Castro goes for the reliable transparent case from Solide PH. Usually, transparent phone cases are our first cases when we buy a new phone. But, you can still find a way to make it your own by designing the case with small mementos like movie tickets or tags.

Bedazzled Case
A bit of sparkle can never do you wrong. Like, Kim Baranda, opt for the bedazzled cases such as iCase MNL love for the extra detail. A jeweled case works well with both a minimalistic outfit and a glammed up one, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re wearing.

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