Puey Quiñones Revisits Customized Decadence in His Holiday 2024 Collection

Puey Quiñones Revisits Customized Decadence in His Holiday 2024 Collection


Puey Quiñones’ collection transports MEGA back to the golden age of the fifties set within his beautifully designed atelier

The air was thick with nostalgia and the sofa soft with serenity as Puey Quiñones unveiled his Holiday 2024 collection, a resplendent homage to the golden age of the 1950s. Held in the designer‘s meticulously curated atelier—full of color, personality, and a dog named Lily—the show was a reminder of the true essence of haute couture; a craft too often forgotten in the age of fast fashion and fleeting trends.

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The flowy movement and silhouette of the yellow dress exudes a glamour from the ’50s decade
The Filipiñana showcases pleating and exaggerated draping over the body

A Return to Opulence

“In this collection, I wanted to recapture the essence of haute couture,” Quiñones mused, his eyes reflecting the fervor of his vision. “The inspiration is the golden years of the ‘50s.”

The 1950s were a time of exceptional decadence, where couture houses brought fashion shows to life in their own ateliers. It was when fashion was about the entire experience—the ambiance, the tactile quality of the fabrics, the intimate interaction between designer and client.

The ruched black dress is complemented with feathery accents
The sheer garment over the sleek dress becomes a dramatic focal point

The line is made of silk, and every curve inspires the luxury of the past. The materials are of the highest quality, reinforcing the sense of opulence and skill.

An Evolution in Elegance

Quiñones’ show showcased ten finely created sculptures that valued elegance over avant-garde innovation. “The volume is still there, but now I’m using more silk chiffon, draping more closely to the body, yet maintaining a sense of flow,” he explained. The designs, with their fine ruching and pleating, drew inspiration from the legendary Madame Grès.

Puey Quiñones Revisits Decadence Than the Avant-Garde MEGA
The tiered white dress is tied near the bottom, enveloping a mermaid silhouette
Puey Quiñones Revisits Decadence Than the Avant-Garde MEGA
Layered silk chiffon encapsulates the total look of the dress

As one moved through the atelier, the distinction from his previous collections was evident. “This time, it’s more about elegance,” Quiñones noted. The methods have evolved, but nature remains true to the haute couture spirit.

The Atelier Experience

Quiñones’ atelier itself is a work of art, a space where his lifestyle as a designer is on full display. “For me, fashion is a lifestyle. The atelier represents who I am and my brand,” he remarked. Stepping into his atelier, clients are enveloped in an atmosphere of cultivated taste, fancied by the designer’s eccentricity, where every detail speaks of a personal touch. “It’s about showing the clients what to expect—the finest materials and impeccable service.”

Puey Quiñones Revisits Decadence Than the Avant-Garde MEGA
Fabrics lay side by side for everyone to feel, instilling the intimacy of the presentation
Puey Quiñones looks to the decadence of the 1950s in the Holiday 2024 collection

This philosophy is a direct challenge to the superficiality of social media-driven shows. “It’s not just about visuals,” Quiñones asserted. “Clients need to touch the fabric, feel the quality, and see the garments up close.” Often, there’s an element involved that’s missing today in the grand production of the runway: intimacy.

A Personal Influence

The decision to pivot towards elegance over avant-garde was deeply personal for Quiñones. “People evolve, and so do designers,” he reflected. “My husband is a curator at the Getty Museum, and he’s very classy. He’s from Boston, he’s from an Ivy League, so it’s very fine. I enjoy watching him, how elegant he is. He influenced me to be like that, and it reflects on my collection.” This personal evolution is evident in the collection, which exudes a sophisticated restraint and enduring captivation.

Puey Quiñones Revisits Decadence Than the Avant-Garde MEGA
The pink dress becomes a standout in the intricacy of the rosette details and the draped ruched of the gown

True to his aversion to the expected, Quiñones chose not to title his collection. “I just call it Holiday 2024,” he said with a knowing smile. “Titles can be too predictable. I wanted something unexpected.”

In revisiting the grandeur of the 1950s, Puey Quiñones has created a tribute to an era where fashion was an art form and luxury was a given. His Holiday 2024 show is a celebration of the true essence of haute couture.

Photographed by GRANT BABIA

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