This Paper & Art Store Wants To Fill Your Creative Space with the Best Essentials

This Paper & Art Store Wants To Fill Your Creative Space with the Best Essentials


If art is a refuge, then Pulp & Pigment is the creative sanctuary you never knew you needed

Situated in the city of San Juan, Pulp & Pigment is an imaginative mind’s paradise; supplying everything from basic acrylics and dainty floral placemats to tastefully-designed calendars and paper coasters. Beyond just being a regular art store, Pulp & Pigment is a place for flourishing creatives of all kinds to let their creative lifestyle be nurtured with only premium products from IFEX. Whether you’re a student or hobbyist who wants to take your passion to the next level, a professional looking to pack your work desk with reliable go-tos and essentials, or running a business that looks to stay supplied with the highest-quality art and paper, Pulp & Pigment’s store houses a huge world of possibilities to create for you.

Reignite old sparks

Remember those childhood doodles you wanted to recreate in a sketch pad but never got around to for some reason? How about that dreamy sunset landscape you pictured would look great as an under-painted work? If you have ever had those creative urges, it’s time to visit Pulp & Pigment in order to reawaken that childlike spirit. 

Luckily for you, the store offers a wide range of charcoal and graphite pencils from Winsor & Newton that will come handy for artists of any skill level. Whether you’re working on traditional drawings or just looking to have spontaneous sketching fun with a paper pad, these versatile and responsive pencils will come handy for all of your needs.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to create beautiful and intricate pieces out of cutting papers, Pulp & Pigment has a complete assortment from gray, mid-tones, neutral, and vivid colored papers. For example, the newly-launched Rich & Radiant collection—a compilation of warm and vivid colors—is perfect for giving any project a bright and radiant feel. These papers will serve handily for anything from marketing collaterals and menus, to invitations, gifts and stationery cards.

Beyond traditional art materials, Pulp & Pigment also has a plethora of decorative and stationery items. These art deco placemats from Pepin Press—which boasts a wide variety of tasteful designs—as well as this cute collection of calendars, planners, and notepads from Life After Breakfast PH are decorative, yet functional pieces that will always find a place in your work from home setup.

The best part is that if you love the brand’s carefully-curated collection of materials but you just can’t come up to their store physically, you can always shop them online over at Pulp & Pigment’s official website, hassle-free.

Birds of the same feather

With such an introspective activity that allows one to reconnect with their creative side, it only makes sense to be able to share and examine the experiences of people who enjoy the same passions as you do. It’s not just fun; it also helps you become a better creative, and Pulp & Pigment recognizes this importance.

In looking to go expand from the capabilities that people have been used to with both traditional and contemporary art supply stores, Pulp and Pigment is looking to unite everyone who enjoys a creative lifestyle to visit and experience an interactive community they have never seen before. 

Of course, the brand has tactfully-designed its space to actively encourage an experience of discovery in every step; allowing every visitor to touch all of the premium paper and paint it provides with its own hands. But beyond the physical realms of the store, Pulp & Pigment also aims to make its own mark online in consideration of the pandemic; in facilitating the slow and steady growth of its bustling online community in Instagram. While it currently stands at 5,000 followers, the account has enjoyed continuous engagements from both expert creators and growing enthusiasts alike.

If art washes the soul from the dust of everyday life, then Pulp & Pigment is the perfect place to cleanse. From the inception of its simple but meaningful logo, down to every last drop of paint and piece of paper utilized from its stores, Pulp & Pigment has turned its philosophy of living a true creative lifestyle into an endless, unbridled reality for every mind who walks through their doors.

Get your creative juices flowing and visit Pulp & Pigment at 189 A. Mabini, Street, San Juan, Kalakhang Maynila. You may also shop from Pulp & Pigment at their official website.

Follow Pulp & Pigment at their official Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest updates. 

Special thanks to ARIANNA BONGATO

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