Yes, It’s Okay to Fall Asleep With the QUICKFX Ceraboost Makeup Line On

Yes, It’s Okay to Fall Asleep With the QUICKFX Ceraboost Makeup Line On


It’s makeup-meets-skincare with the new Ceraboost Makeup Line from QUICKFX

After a long and tiring day, it’s not surprising if, sometimes, we become way too tired to even go through our usual multi-step skincare routine before getting into bed and catching some Zs. And yet, one of the things we hate the most is falling asleep with our makeup on. Not only does it make us feel icky, but it’s also terrible for our skin, which causes us to worry about possible breakouts. Thankfully, there’s no need to panic anymore because QUICKFX has finally launched their very first makeup products doubling as skin protectors, assuring us that should we fall asleep with makeup on again, it’s gonna be all good!

When less is more

“The Beauty of Less” is QUICKFX’s mantra as they aim to achieve beauty in its simplest form with the Ceraboost Makeup Line. Consisting of four main products that are all infused with Ceramide, it’s only a matter of time before we attain the simple beauty looks we want while ensuring that our skin remains healthy and breakout-free.

The Ceraboost Skin [Pore]fector effectively blurs the appearance of pores while lightening dark spots for a dream-like airbrushed appearance. It lasts long as its lightweight formula is very suitable and comfortable to wear in hot climates. This Ceramide-filled primer is also free of any potential irritants, and its skincare features ensure that our skin doesn’t get damaged as the day goes on, which is great for a busy day filled with different activities. We can immediately rest when we get home, knowing that our skin will still be in tip-top shape the following day.

For a subtle touch of brightness, QUICKFX has the Ceraboost Eye Bright Perfector, which is an anti-aging under-eye primer and light concealer that comes with a peachy tint. Its brightening and moisturizing formula naturally corrects our dark circles that were caused by never-ending days and nights of business and pleasure, all while hydrating our under-eye area to prevent a dry and crepey appearance.

QUICKFX also has the Ceraboost Skin Repair Tint, which comes in the shades Custard (light) and Caramel (medium), and it’s a sensitive skin-friendly base product that’s buildable for a “your skin but better” look. Considered to be 60% skincare and 40% makeup, it doesn’t have any potential irritants, making it very helpful in nourishing and strengthening our skin. A long night of catching up with friends may even become longer now that we can be a bit more carefree with having to wipe all of our makeup off at the end of the day or night.

Lastly, the Ceraboost Makeup Line also consists of the Ceraboost All In One Tint that comes in three shades, namely Flushed Pink, Fresh Coral, and Sunkissed Red. It’s a multi-use tint that can work for the eyes, cheeks, and lips for a fashionable, monochromatic look! Aside from their easily blendable and long-lasting formula, each tint is infused with natural antibacterial ingredients that protect our lips and skin from drying, which means that it’s still more than okay for us to fall asleep with some added color we applied early in the day.

With skincare ingredients mixed into each product, we’re now more comfortable with the thought that our skin won’t get damaged should we end up accidentally falling asleep with makeup on.

Check out the QUICKFX Ceraboost Makeup Line by visiting Watsons, and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for more updates.

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