You've Been Dressing Wrong For The Rainy Weather! Here's Why

You've Been Dressing Wrong For The Rainy Weather! Here's Why


Weatherproof your wardrobe—now!

For a country that’s generally predisposed to monsoon and storms, it surprises me to find that most of us do not know how to dress for the rainy weather. From shoes to jackets to bags, there’s definitely a lot we can improve on to better arm ourselves for the sudden downpours. 


Why we don’t have a ready supply of boots in our shoe closet I’ll never know. Keeping your feet is the absolute one thing that will keep you from being miserable in the rain. It’s high time you toss your flip-flops and canvas sneakers back in the closet. Wearing flip-flops is an open invitation for a lot of viruses and diseases to cling to your skin, not to mention it catapults dirty water and muck behind your legs. Sneakers and rubber shoes will not do well against rain and puddles and will eventually absorb water that will seep into your socks and feet—definitely not a good feeling.  Our suggestion? Invest in a good pair of rain boots that is not only practical, it’s also stylish as hell.

Forever 21 Rain Boots megastle
Forever 21 Rain Boots, Php 1420. Available at Forever 21 SM Megamall

Aigle Rubber Rain Boots megastyle
Aigle Rubber Rain Boots. Available at Aigle Uptown Mall BGC

 Aigle Rubber Rain Boots megastyle
Aigle Rubber Rain Boots. Available at Aigle Uptown Mall BGC

Palladium Rain Boots megastyle
Palladium Rain Boots, Php 4500. Available online at

Twenty Eight Shoes Ankle Boots megastyle
Twenty Eight Shoes Ankle Boots, Php 2349. Available at


While most jackets would be ideal to wear for the weather, there are a lot of factors to consider as well. It shouldn’t only keep you warm but dry as well. Prioritize fabrics that are water repellent or at least resistant, instead of being absorbent. This may seem like common sense but I still spot a lot of people on the streets wearing jackets made of cotton or even satin.

Bershka hooded jacket megastyle
Bershka Hooded Jacket, Php 1995. Available at Bershka Glorietta 4

Bench Embroidered Rain Jacket megastyle
Bench Embroidered Rain Jacket, Php 1799.75. Available at Bench Glorietta 4

H&M Hooded Rain Coat megastyle
H&M Hooded Rain Coat, Php 2690. Available at H&M SM Megamall

  Forever 21 Rain Coat megastyle
Forever 21 Rain Coat, Php 1785. Available at Forever 21 SM Megamall


Keep your belongings safe and dry by storing them in weather-proof bags. There are a lot of options that are both stylish and functional. While backpacks are convenient, I find that these easily get wet especially if you use a small umbrella. Opt for sling bags, carryalls, or fanny packs instead, just make sure the material can withstand rain water.

Pacsafe Dry Anti-Theft Bag megastyle
Pacsafe Dry Anti-Theft Bag. Available at Pacsafe stores

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag megastyle
Longchamp Le Pliage Tote Bag. Available at Longchamp Rustan’s Makati

Bershka Transparent Belt Bag, megastyle
Bershka Transparent Belt Ba, Php 995. Available at Bershka Glorietta 3


Let’s face it, umbrellas generally don’t last a whole year. These either die a mechanical death (especially the ultra foldable ones) or get misplaced. So if you’re looking into replacing your umbrella, we’ve gathered the cutest and most functional ones here.

Senz Smart Stormproof Stick Umbrella, Php 3000 to 6000. Available at and

Cath Kidston Birdcage Umbrella megastyle
Cath Kidston Birdcage Umbrella, Php 2499. Available at

Zara Telescopic Umbrella megastyle
Zara Telescopic Umbrella, Php 1995. Available at Zara Megamall

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