Rajo Laurel’s Newest Collection Is Inspired By Water

Rajo Laurel’s Newest Collection Is Inspired By Water


Rajo Laurel launched his 2021 Holiday Collection, Monomorph. Find out how he was inspired by energized drinking water to create this collection.

Iconic Filipino designer Rajo Laurel recently unveiled his latest collection through a virtual fashion, Monomorph. The sensuous and modern pieces graced the runway, celebrating singular plurality, the variability and oneness of human states in being and becoming.

The pieces invoked a lot of movement, but were structured like a sculpture. In its conception, Laurel functioned as a sculptor with stillness as his chisel, gesture as his hammer, and vigor as the very material that emboldened his garments.

Another vital part of the collection was the energized drinking water that inspired it. Laurel says during the press interview that Ecospec Noveltech’s E20 was vital to the conceptualization and creation of the pieces. E2O energizes water with a correct frequency that elevates selective molecular bond vibration energy without adding any chemicals or additives. Thus, Laurel was able to use the additional energy he got from the water to activate his creative juices. Noted actress and fellow Ecospec Nolveltech ambassador Iza Calzado was in attendance of the fashion show.

All in all, the event was a huge success for the acclaimed designers three leading brand—Rajo Laurel, RAJO, and RAJOMAN. The pieces were a great balance of two contrasting elements. The beautiful complementary paradox of liquid’s movement and solid’s structure. We can’t wait to see the first of three collection volumes which will be unveiled on October 22, 2021, via rajolaurel.com with a special presentation, energized by E2O.

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