Ready Foodie One—Kraver’s Canteen has a Virtual Food Hall Now!

Ready Foodie One—Kraver’s Canteen has a Virtual Food Hall Now!


The pandemic has brought about changes in our lifestyle that no one ever expected to happen that drastic and that soon. One of these is our option (or lack thereof) of face-to-face consumption. From e-commerce platforms to food deliveries services, these innovative solutions boomed as they lessened the risk of spreading the virus. With COVID-19 still looming and ready to attack in different variants, prevention is still much better than cure.

Restrictions are easing up, though we still get the fear of many. But, what if we tell you a virtual food trip is still possible at the comfort of your own homes? What if ordering food is as interactive and enjoyable as playing a game?

That’s where Kra-Verse Food Hall comes in—an innovation two years in the making from Kraver’s Canteen. In January 2020, founders Eric Dee, Victor Lim, and Victor Mapua launched Kraver’s Canteen, a cloud kitchen that became a hit during the lockdown restrictions due to food’s accessibility through delivery. In Lim’s interview with ANC, he shared that cloud kitchens allow you to run with a 10 to 15% cost of a regular brick-and-mortar establishment. He adds, “[…] It is a growth tool for F&B brands to expand and reach more customers, cheaper and faster.”

With their partners from brands such as Century Pacific and Shakey’s (Christopher Po), Robinsons Group and Cebu Pacific (Lance Gokongwei), Rico’s Lechon (George Pua), Grab (Brian Cu), and Zalora (Paolo Campos), they aim to offer a new value for food beyond the four walls of a typical restaurant through their thoughtful packaging.

The Kra-verse Food Hall allows you to move around the area like you’re playing a game. Plus, you can also chat with those inside.

The Six Worlds in the Kra-Verse

The food hall is introducing six establishments in their map, and one is actually a much-awaited franchise in the country.

Photo Credit: Kraver’s Canteen

World #1: CharSilog

Just when you think our classic Filipino silog meals couldn’t get any better, they do! CharSilog is a modern take on our staple breakfast meals that will make our mornings (and even our whole day!) brighter.

World #2: Krave

You can rely on Krave to satisfy your own cravings or your crew’s. Their changing menu based on the current food trends will surely make us look forward to their next products.

World #3: I Love U Stew

If you want a fuller experience while binge-watching your K-Drama faves, I Love U Stew is the way to go! Every order comes with nine kinds of banchan or side dishes, and two servings furikake rice. Fear not for your stew; it’s wrapped in a self-heating container so it will still be hot when it arrives at your doorstep.

World #4: Jok Time Lugaw

The name might make you laugh, but they take the art of porridge making seriously. Jok actually came from the different terms for porridge in Korea (‘juk’), Thailand (‘jok’), and China (‘jook’).

World #5: Gravy’d

Missing the sizzling feel of your heated platters? Everything Gravy’d has you covered. Their self-heating storage will keep your orders hot, saucy, and scrumptious.

World #6: D. Wade Burgers

Filipino fans of NBA Legend Dwyane Wade will soon taste his famous burgers courtesy of Kra-Verse Food Hall. You’ll hear it from us first—D. Wade Burgers is coming up with a special lechon baka “Manila Burger” exclusive in the Philippines!

The Future of Kra-Verse

The virtual food hall will be expanding in the next months to come as Fil-Am chefs will be bringing home their own twist of Filipino food available in the US. Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see the next food businesses coming into the Kra-Verse!

The Kra-Verse Food Hall establishments are also available on GrabFood in Parañaque and Kapitolyo.

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