3 Reasons Why Pink Gin Will Leave You In Good Spirits

3 Reasons Why Pink Gin Will Leave You In Good Spirits


Emperador Distillers Inc. just launched the gin for the new generation. The BaR Premium Gin is a world-class spirit that comes in fabulous flavors that suit every taste and mood. It could even match your purse. Europe has fallen gin-love with it and here’s why:


The generation of today loves authenticity and with all the ways you can mix your new favorite liquor of choice — with tonic water or lime soda — you will never run short of the quality and the taste that is made for gin lovers around the world.


Name one color that is more loaded with the gift of woman empowerment than pink. You feel refreshed, light and girly all at the same time. Pinkaholics will imagine a vast landscape swathed in a field of berries and savor the gin deliciousness of the Pink Gin.

But if you are keen on green, there’s The BaR Green Gin, that offers a zap of energy coming from the sublime taste of lime. And if you’re up for a more sophisticated sensation in the mouth, the clear Premium Dry Gin will take you on a ride of delightful swirl of botanical flavors from Spain.


Ima-gin a 700mL bottle of premium gin (pink at that) at a suggested retail price Php95.00! The BaR Premium Gin is now available in 7-Eleven and soon in other leading supermarkets and convenience stores. Shop online exclusively on Boozy.ph

There is an iconic song in the movie Funny Face that goes, “Now, I wouldn’t presume to tell a woman what a woman oughta think, but tell her if she’s gotta think — think pink!” or in this case, drink pink!

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