Recreate Belle Mariano’s Summer Style With These Wardrobe Essentials

Recreate Belle Mariano’s Summer Style With These Wardrobe Essentials


Need some inspiration for the upcoming summer season? Look no further because Belle Mariano has shown us all the essetials to look good under the sun

We’re ending the month with another style spotlight, and the chosen celebrity for this round is none other than, Belle Mariano herself. Since summer is fast approaching, it’s only fitting to make a quick guide on how you can prepare for it just like the young actress. With that being said, here is a quick list of the actress’ wardrobe picks that you can add to your collection for the upcoming season. 

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Understated logos

When it comes to pieces with logos, the best advice we can give to you is to not overdo it. Just like this one on Belle, the Gentlewoman can only be found on the seams and straps, and it has the right amount of negative space to make it look less rowdy to the eyes. Other than that, having this type of bikini in your luggage will give you that city-girl-on-vacation vibe.

belle mariano style
Belle Mariano in a black and white bikini set from Gentlewoman

High slit season

You’re dealing with the heat, so might as well give your body that much needed air circulation when you can. Take a look at the 21 year-old and how she opted to wear a fitted, tie-dye print dress that has a slit that goes up to her mid-thigh. It’s casual, it’s risky, it’s the perfect summer dress if you want to add a touch of allure to your trip.  

summer style
Belle Mariano wore a tie-dye fitted dress during her trip to Europe

Weave chic

There are two factors that go into choosing a summer bag: compartments and practicality. You’ll immediately get both with a medium-sized tote bag, and you can take it up a notch by opting to get a weave design for the ultimate summer girl aesthetic. Whether you’re traveling to the beach or city, best believe that a weaved bag will elevate any casual ensemble in a snap. 

belle mariano fashion
Belle Mariano completed her look with a Loewe weaved bag

Safe in coordinates

You know the saying diamonds are a girl’s best friend? We’re rephrasing that because we have concluded that coordinates will be your new best friend. We have seen time and time again how coordinates can easily be a fixer upper if you’re having a lazy day because of its cohesive finish. So if you want to take it easy, opt for a look that is similar to Belle, and complete it with a bikini or tank top. 

summer fashion
Belle Mariano gets comfy with her coordinates

Photos: BELLE MARIANO and ADRIANNE CONCEPT (via Instagram)

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