Recreate These Elevated Beach Outfits by Gen Z Celebrities and Influencers

Recreate These Elevated Beach Outfits by Gen Z Celebrities and Influencers


Thinking of ways on how you can upgrade your beach wardrobe? Check out these Gen Z styling tips before you finalize your outfits

Summer beach trips—while you know how exciting and worthwhile it can be, it’s still possible to get stressed while planning and packing. You’ve got to worry about the clothes you’ll be wearing for the day, which should be breathable, but your night outfit should give you enough warmth in case it gets windy. If you’re already in that part of your preparation, we listed down a few tips you can try to elevate your beach outfits the Gen Z way. 

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Use color blocking

If you want something low-key but still stylish, the color block technique is the way to go. Choose pieces that are in the same color range so it looks cohesive, but you can make it playful by pairing different patterns together, giving off that coastal girl vibe. 

angelina cruz beach outfits
Photo: ANGELINA CRUZ (via Instagram)

Get breezy

Like we said, when you’re out and about during the day, it’s ideal for you to wear something breathable so you won’t feel hot and sweaty. You can opt to layer your bikini with a knitted top and pair it with a flowy skirt to ensure air circulation from top to bottom. We all know how stressful it can be when the heat gets to your head, so best to not let that happen. 

ac bonifacio style
Photo: AC BONIFACIO (via Instagram)

The Y2K spirit

Remember how colorful outfits were back then? Well, it’s back and let’s just say it looks better than it did years ago. Gen Z cracked the code to using vivid pieces properly, and you can do it by being extra playful like having a multi-colored miniskirt and a sultry top for the beach. It’s young and it’s quirky—two qualities that are a must for the coast. 

chesca montano style
Photo: CHESCA MONTANO (via Instagram)

Minis with maxis

A juxtaposed outfit works every time, and it’s even more ideal for the beach. Wearing an itty-bitty bikini and maxi skirt is a go-to for many beach goers, but you can also wear a loose top with your bottoms if you’re feeling a little more laid-back but still want to make your fit look chic. Either way, a mini with maxis is a staple you should have in your luggage. 

chelsea valencia style
Photo: CHELSEA VALENCIA (via Instagram)

Mix the accessories

It’s the beach! The fashion isn’t as restrictive compared to the city, and you can freely mix it up however you want. One way to go about it is wearing a bunch of accessories that don’t necessarily have to match so you can achieve that messy coastal girl aesthetic. Our personal preference is to go for pearls and mixed beads to make it more effortless. 

andrea brillantes style
Photos: ANDREA BRILLANTES (via Instagram)

Featured Image: ANDREA BRILLANTES (via Instagram)

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