Refresh Your Mind and Body This Summer By Shaking Up This Crucial Daily Habit

Refresh Your Mind and Body This Summer By Shaking Up This Crucial Daily Habit


Summer should be the time to leave the stresses behind, and Twinings Cold Infuse is the refreshing answer to all our deep thirsts to keep our mind and body relaxed and renewed

As the seasons change, so should we. The excitement to get away from the daily grind and lie down by the beach grows each and every sunny day. Cravings for long weekends, tropical adventures, and oh-so refreshing drinks intensify. Generally speaking, there is a craving for relaxation—escaping hustle culture at work, an eagerness to take breaks and sleep longer, paying closer attention to our beauty and fitness, and most of all, staying hydrated.

The easiest way to relax

These days, everyone seems to have a water bottle on hand. Known as the elixir of life, water is a necessary ingredient to keep our bodies calm, functioning, and healthy. It’s fascinating how a simple habit like drinking enough water every day could lead to better sleep, a clearer mind, and a better mood. A Harvard article also backs this by advising water helps “regulate body temperature, keep joints lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells, and keep organs functioning properly.”

Despite its health benefits, for some people, drinking water is so mundane. So, why can’t we add some flavor and flair to this habit in time for the summer heat? Here’s a new way to relax under the heat: fill your tumblers with Twinings Cold Infuse.

Make more out of water

The sugar-free, low calorie, and caffeine-free Twinings Cold Infuse brings a refreshing hint of fruity flavor to your plain old water. These little infusion bags are convenient enough to just drop in your water bottles, shake, and enjoy. There are three flavor blends to choose from, with each having a curated selection of vitamins and minerals to improve your body functions.

If you’re looking for something gentle but enough to wake up your taste buds on a lazy day, grab the Watermelon + Strawberry + Mint infuser. For something to keep your mood up when your days get too hectic, the Blueberry + Apple + Blackcurrant infuser is perfect for you. But if it’s the type of day where you want to embody the tropical energy of a uniquely Philippine summer, liven up your drink with the Passionfruit + Mango + Blood Orange Cold Infuse variant.

Summer is for relaxation and self-care, and there’s no easier and better way to keep your systems in tip-top condition than daily hydration. Don’t let the heat get to your head—just drop a little infuser packet and shake up your summer.

​​Make Twinings Cold Infuse your new habit and shop for your summer refresher at any major supermarket nationwide or at our official stores in Lazada and Shopee. Watch out for special promotions in store and in e-commerce that are worth checking out this summer.

Share your coolest Twinings Cold Infuse moments on social media with the hashtag #DropShakeEnjoy while tagging @twiningsph. #ShakeUpYourSummer without any of the guilt!

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