Rei Germar Becomes the Face of GENTLEWOMAN

Rei Germar Becomes the Face of GENTLEWOMAN


Style-setter Rei Germar becomes the new face of GENTLEWOMAN and here’s why they’re the ideal match 

Just two days ago, Thai fashion brand GENTLEWOMAN officially introduced the face of their new collection—Philippines’ very own Rei Germar. The beginning of their partnership is still hot off the press, so we’re here to do a little breakdown of the collection and why the young style-setter is the perfect fit for the brand. 

rei germar gentlwoman

Up and up

The 26-year-old made it known that her personal style that we’ve all grown to love is versatile as ever. Over the years, her adventurous spirit became the pillars of her career. Now, she adds another milestone to her journey by becoming the face of GENTLEWOMAN’s new collection. It’s quite fitting to see such young personalities collaborate with fashion brands that are making waves despite being relatively new to the game. 

rei germar gentlwoman

Unapologetic style

Ever since Rei started her journey in fashion, she was able to establish a style personality that depicts her fearlessness. We have seen her play around with various fads and not once has she disappointed us. Her ability to express herself through her clothing definitely matches with the brand’s youthful spirit.

Onto the next

Rei Germar has nowhere to go but up in her journey in the fashion industry, so we’re expecting to see more projects with GENTLEWOMAN in the future. As her reputation continues to grow wonderfully in both local and international landscapes, we’re pretty sure that the former MEGAStyle cover star will surprise us even more as she takes her name to the global scene.

Photos: GENTLEWOMAN (via Instagram)

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